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13.25 -1.85%
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- / 13.25
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14.00 / 13.25
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13.00 / 13.50
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SYMORD 1P13.25

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13.25 / 03 July 2020
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6.00 / 23.50
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1 year return

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- %
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30 November 2001
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03.07.20 16:21:19 13.39 GBX 91 12.18 Off-Book - AIMX
03.07.20 15:05:12 13.39 GBX 20 2.68 Off-Book - AIMX
03.07.20 15:05:02 13.39 GBX 386 51.69 Off-Book - AIMX
03.07.20 15:03:12 13.39 GBX 1,045 139.93 Off-Book - AIMX
03.07.20 12:56:24 13.40 GBX 14,836 1,988.02 Off-Book - AIMX

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The K Trade Fair
October 15th 2019, 11:00:00pm
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Equity Research

from Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc
Strong trading, good momentum in anti-microbial d2p, opinion on plastic usage & waste streams moving SYM’s way.

Symphony Environmental has reported FY December 2019 results. Whilst the Company did experience a single digit fall in revenues, this has been well trailed in previous announcements, relating to inventory adjustments by some customers waiting for legislative clarification in certain markets. The ...

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Q1 revenue +56% and testing underway to confirm d2p’s potential as a weapon in the battle with Covid-19

Symphony Environmental’s update this week stated that Q1 2020 revenue increased 56% to £2.4m. Encouragingly the statement noted that little of this increase was due to any inventory correction by customers who Symphony previously advised had been awaiting legislative clarification in ...

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Small Cap Feast

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Small Cap Feast

FRP Advisory Group, UK professional services firm specialising in restructuring advisory. Raising £80m (£20m primary). Expected market cap £190m. Compound annual growth of 16.4 per cent. in revenue and 10.9 per cent. in operating profit since the beginning of FY17.o Strong average EBITDA margins of ...

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Customers playing the waiting game but the drivers for Symphony’s product remain compelling

Symphony Environmental has updated on FY Dec 2019 trading. Symphony is a global specialist of technologies that enhance the properties of plastic and complementary non-plastic products by making them biodegradable or resistant to external factors. The impact on sales experienced in H1, due to inv ...

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Annual Report 2018


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