Single Asset Listings

Admitting Single Assets

Single asset structures have become successful vehicles for investors interested in gaining exposure to a variety of different asset classes. They include a range of assets, from single student accommodation residences to aircraft leases. A single asset entity can be admitted to our markets either as a closed-end investment fund or as an operating company. Closed-end investment companies can be admitted to either the Specialist Fund Segment or to AIM.   Single asset entities that are operating companies can be admitted to AIM. Companies applying to AIM should contact a Nominated Adviser to discuss potential eligibility.

Markets available for listing single assets


Specialist Fund Segment (SFS) of the Main Market

As a regulated market under MiFID II, SFS is dedicated to specialist, closed-ended investment funds targeting institutional, professional, professionally advised and knowledgeable investors.

Key attributes

Lower free float requirement, no requirement to spread risk and flexible voting structure



Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

AIM is an exchange-regulated market; suitable for commercial companies and straightforward investment structures seeking a broad investment audience including institutional and retail investors.

Key attributes

No minimum track record requirement, but all listing companies must demonstrate appropriateness to join a public market.

Description Specialist Fund Segment AIM
Structure Closed-ended Investment Fund

Operating Company/ Closed Ended Investment Fund.

An AIM Investing Company must have a structure that is straightforward and not complex. Minimum equity fundraising of £6m.

Domicile Any Any
Regulation Regulated Market MTF (SME Growth Market)
Minimum Freefloat No prescriptive freefloat No prescriptive freefloat – guidance on free float available.
Revenue Criteria Not Applicable Not Applicable

Request for admission to trading to exchange 

UKLA Approved Prospectus

AIM Admission Document & Nomad declaration 
Sponsor/Nominated Adviser Not applicable Nominated Adviser on admission and on a continuing basis.
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance statement Corporate Governance Statement against a Recognised Corporate Governance Code
Related Party Transactions As per Prospectus Regulation Applicable as per AIM Rules for Companies
Cancellation No shareholder approval required 75% shareholder approval
Indices Not applicable FTSE AIM Series, where eligible

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