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Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 6 December

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FTSE 1007,122.32-6.89 (-0.10%)
FTSE 25022,646.08-38.76 (-0.17%)
FTSE 3504,078.56-4.48 (-0.11%)
FTSE All-Share4,059.32-4.57 (-0.11%)
FTSE AIM All-Share1,182.30-6.44 (-0.54%)

FTSE 100

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KGFKINGFISHER PLC331.008.10 (2.51%)
PSONPEARSON PLC589.0012.80 (2.22%)
DCCDCC PLC5,742.00100.00 (1.77%)
ABDNABRDN PLC233.903.90 (1.70%)
BMEB&M EUROPEAN VALUE RETAIL S.A.639.0010.60 (1.69%)
NG.NATIONAL GRID PLC1,002.4016.60 (1.68%)
SSESSE PLC1,607.5023.00 (1.45%)

Latest news from London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange welcomes Kin + Carta to celebrate becoming the first B Corporation on the Main Market

London Stock Exchange welcomes global digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta for a Market Open ceremony to celebrate it becoming the first company to certify as a B Corp on the London Stock Exchange.

The rigorous, independent B Corp assessment evaluates how a company's operations and business model impacts on employees, communities, the environment, and customers. Certificatio

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London Stock Exchange welcomes Skillcast Group plc to AIM

The Skillcast Group sets up compliance portals to help companies educate their staff and record, analyse, and evidence staff activities to cope with their regulatory and ESG (environmental, social and governance) obligations. Its technology application provides e-learning management, in-person training management, CPD (continuing professional development), policy attestation, staff declarations

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London Stock Exchange welcomes Hambro Perks Acquisition Company

London Stock Exchange welcomes Hambro Perks Acquisition Company, a special purpose acquisition vehicle sponsored by Hambro Perks Limited, the international investment firm focused on technology investing, to the Main Market under the ticker symbol HPA1.

Hambro Perks was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing capital and hands-on support to innovative and

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London Stock Exchange Welcomes Gelion Plc to AIM

London Stock Exchange today welcomes Gelion plc, the global energy storage innovator, on to the AIM market.

Gelion’s mission is to provide global energy storage solutions that are robust, safe and affordable with low environmental impact, enabling clean power and fresh water for all.

The Company aims to positively impact the transition to a net-zero-carbon economy by deployi

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Everyone has financial goals. You may want to fund your retirement, help your children with their education or with important life events, such as buying a home.

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London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and can trace its history back to the coffee houses of 17th century London. For many decades, London Stock Exchange provided a trading floor where members could buy and sell shares. Today, share trad

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