Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January
Market closed - opens at 08:00 on 25 January

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FTSE 1006,695.07-20.35 (-0.30%)
FTSE 25020,596.91-196.81 (-0.95%)
FTSE 3503,811.25-15.97 (-0.42%)
FTSE All-Share3,786.06-16.24 (-0.43%)
FTSE AIM All-Share1,195.31-2.78 (-0.23%)

FTSE 100

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RELRELX PLC1,869.5050.00 (2.75%)
SSESSE PLC1,547.0038.50 (2.55%)
AHTASHTEAD GROUP PLC3,832.0072.00 (1.91%)
JETJUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V.8,550.00150.00 (1.79%)
SN.SMITH & NEPHEW PLC1,653.5029.00 (1.79%)
AZNASTRAZENECA PLC7,777.00127.00 (1.66%)
SGROSEGRO PLC974.2014.40 (1.50%)
JMATJOHNSON MATTHEY PLC2,995.0040.00 (1.35%)

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2020 – A year of green milestones for the Sustainable Bond Market

2020 has been a memorable year for London Stock Exchange’s Sustainable Bond Market (SBM).

Already home to the first certified green bonds out of China, India, and the Middle East, and to the first sovereign green bonds from Asia Pacific and the Americas, SBM welcomed 39 bonds rais

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London Stock Exchange welcomes Ecofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust plc to the Main Market

Ecofin U.S. Renewables Infrastructure Trust plc (the "Company”) is pleased to announce that it has raised gross proceeds of $125 million pursuant to its initial public offering.

The Company intends to execute its investment objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of Renewable Assets predominantly in the United States, but it may also invest up to 15% of Gross Assets in

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Fixed Income Pulse: CEE, CIS and Russia – A busy time for the region

Emerging Europe and Central Asian issuers have been active in 2020, as we’ve seen a flurry of first-time issuers and local currency bonds from the region come to our markets.

Hungary was one of the first sovereigns from the region to list its bonds in London this year, raising €2 billion at the end of April, shortly followed by its debut green bond in June 2020 on London Stock

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Green economy in focus: Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust

Tom Williams, Head of Energy & Infrastructure and Partner at Downing LLP gives his views on the launch of its newest fund, Downing Renewable & Infrastructure Trust (DORE). The fund is the latest London-listing to receive the Green Economy Mark on admission, which is given to companies and funds with 50% + revenues derive

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London Stock Exchange is a doorway to growth, enabling companies to raise capital and investors to build their portfolios across a range of global markets.

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Everyone has financial goals. You may want to fund your retirement, help your children with their education or with important life events, such as buying a home.

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London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and can trace its history back to the coffee houses of 17th century London. For many decades, London Stock Exchange provided a trading floor where members could buy and sell shares. Today, share trad

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