How to list debt
Choose a market
Choose advisers
Prepare an application
Listing and admission to trading
Post-listing reporting

Step 1 - Choose a market

London Stock Exchange offers a choice of markets for both UK and international companies looking to list debt. The size of the company, its growth objectives and funding needs will all which market is right for you.

LSEG markets are home to thousands of companies, from start-ups to some of the world's largest corporations. Listing gives investors access to one of the world's deepest pools of liquidity.

  • Main Market (MM) - The UK's principal regulated market for bond issuance and a globally recognised listing venue for domestic and foreign issuers, including a number of sovereigns. Bonds admitted to trading on the MM are also admitted to the UK Listing Authority’s Official List.

  • International Securities Market (ISM)The ISM is an exchange-regulated market providing an efficient and transparent listing process with rapid turnaround times. The dedicated and knowledgeable debt specialist team are able to offer competitive turnaround times to accommodate issuer priorities. As an exchange-regulated market, the UK Listing Rules and the Prospectus Regulation are not applicable to ISM; issuers must comply with the requirements set out in the ISM Rulebook.

Visit Compare our debt markets page for help deciding which market best suits your company’s needs 

Step 2 - Choose advisers

  • Getting the selection of your external team right is one of the most important steps in raising financing in the public capital markets. In the first instance, you will need to appoint legal counsel and underwriting banks. A good starting point is to consult your existing advisers.

  • Many companies hold a ‘beauty parade’ of specialists to determine who has the appropriate experience and understanding of your business model. You should agree a realistic timetable with your advisers, agreeing who is responsible for each aspect of the work.

  • When appointing advisers you should also clarify areas of responsibility in advance and negotiate costs.

Step 3 - Prepare an application

  • Listing debt on LSEG involves preparing either admission or listing particulars, or a prospectus compliant with the appropriate rules.

  • As part of the prospectus issuers will need to provide, among other things, detailed financial statements as well as the terms and conditions relating to the security and information on recent developments.

  • Appointing an experienced team of professionals helps deliver a complete listing document. It is not mandatory for issuers to seek specialist services before lodging an application, but we recommend appointing an experienced legal advisor to guide you when drawing up a prospectus.

Step 4 - Listing and admission to trading

  • Different markets have different levels of regulation, which in turn require different application processes. Companies need to apply to the regulator to raise capital (in some cases this will be the FCA and in other cases the regulatory function is carried out by LSEG) and to London Stock Exchange to be admitted to trading. Your advisers will guide you through this process.

  • Using an appropriate adviser is essential in ensuring you meet all the listing requirements. They can also help you prepare an application, ensuring you complete the relevant forms, documents and prospectus.

  • Which market you choose determines the route of submission. Take a look at our Compare our debt markets table to see which market is right for you.

Step 5 - Post-listing reporting

  • Life on the public market can be very different from previous practice for most companies. For instance, publishing an annual report and disclosing material information to the market are two key continuing obligations for all London Stock Exchange-listed companies.

  • Following admission to a public market, companies are subject to a range of disciplines and requirements. These can be broadly divided between the legal and regulatory requirements, representing the continuing obligations that all quoted companies must meet; and market-driven disciplines and activities, which are not compulsory, but which are advisable and even necessary in order to gain the maximum benefit from your listing.

  • Take a look at the Resources section to find out more about rules relating to ongoing obligation.

Admission and disclosure standards document

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