Email alerts

Email alerts

Use this facility to configure personal email alerts on a number of different price and news criteria. As soon as the criteria are met you’ll be sent an email confirming the date, time and details. You can all so set up daily portfolio valuation summaries.

You can set up price target and price change alerts:

  • Keep track of your favourite stocks by receiving news alerts about them, as they are announced.
  • Receive a daily summary of each of your portfolios.
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Email Alerts FAQs

How do I set up email alerts?

To set up email alerts, login to your account and open "Email Alerts". Here you will be able to see all your alerts and set new ones. There are different types of alerts:

  1. Share Price Alerts - Receive alerts when a stock reaches a specific price target or when price is rising/falling.
  2. News Alerts - Receive RNS news alerts for your favourite companies, indices or sectors. You can configure the alerts to suits your needs.
  3. Portfolio Alerts - Receive alerts on your Portfolio/trading simulator performance.
  4. Watchilist Daily Summaries - Receive alerts on the companies your are following in your watchlist.
How do I disable email alerts?

To stop RNS emails, please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to the site using your registered account.
  2. Open "Email Alerts" section in "My Account".
  3. From the "Active Alerts" section find the rule related to "Company Name" and press the "X" sign on Delete Column.
  4. Click "OK" to permanently delete the alert.
  5. You can see the alert is removed.
Is there a specific limit to the number of email alerts that a person can set?
  • The maximum number of alerts that a person can set is 200.