Virtual Portfolio and Watchlist

Virtual Portfolio and Watchlist

With our free Virtual Portfolio, you can take your first steps into the financial world without risking losing any money. You will be able to select, monitor and evaluate performance of thousands of stocks, funds or covered warrants available on our markets.

You can also compete with friends: in Trading Simulator mode you will be allocated a fixed capital of £10,000 to trade at market price (subject to a 15 minute delay). Test your best strategies to beat the market and outperform your peers.

You can also monitor your favourite securities at a glance in a Watchlist. Our alerts service will also notify you when the value of your Watchlist reaches certain targets.


Key Features

  • Simulate the trading of thousands of stocks (at current or historical price).
  • Build portfolios and view a detailed log of all your transactions.
  • Track your stocks’ performance and compare against industry sectors.
  • Stay up to date and make informed decisions thanks to our RNS news feed.
  • Receive portfolio change and aftermarket email alerts
  • Receive personalised email alerts & daily e-mail summaries

Virtual Portfolio FAQs

What is the Portfolio Service?

The Portfolio Service enables you to create virtual portfolios of securities listed on London Stock Exchange, along with a selection of global securities. You can simulate stock market investments and monitor and evaluate their performance. It is a simple and secure way to take your first steps into the world of finance without putting any money at stake. Create or log in to your Account page to get started.

How can I get started?

To create a new portfolio, access our Portfolio tool and click on the "New" button. Enter a name for your portfolio and choose the amount of starting capital and the currency. You can then start adding securities to your basket.

What are the main differences between Portfolio and the Trading Simulator?

If you are simply looking to track the performance of some investments, Portfolio enables you to do this. .
The Trading Simulator offers you £10,000 of virtual money to trade at up to date market prices (subject to a 15 minute delay), and allows you to compete against other users in groups.

With Portfolio, you can enter a transaction at any date in the past, and specify the purchase price, whereas this is not possible in the Trading Simulator.

Are the Portfolio security prices accurate and up to date?

The prices match those found across London Stock Exchange website, and all prices are subject to a 15 minute delay.

Watchlist FAQs

How can I create a new watchlist?

To create a new watchlist, access our Watchlist tool and click on ‘Add Watchlist’ button. Enter a name for your new watchlist and then you can start adding securities to your basket.

How can I add securities to my watchlist?

There are two main ways to add securities to your watchlist. 

  • Method 1 – Directly from the search results. Click the ‘Watchlist’ icon in the search results.
  • Method 2 – From the company summary page. Click the ‘Add to Watchlist’ icon at the top of a company summary page. You will then be returned to the Valuation Summary page, where you can add stocks, ETFs, ETPs, retail bonds, debt securities, covered warrants, structured products, and funds to this watchlist by clicking on either the ‘Add new transaction’.
Where can I view the watchlists?

To switch between different watchlists, select the watchlist you wish to view from the ‘Selected watchlist’ dropdown box, which appears on each page.