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About London Stock Exchange market

Can I visit London Stock Exchange?

London Stock Exchange is not open to the public. Following deregulation in 1986 known as the ‘Big Bang’, the traditional system of open outcry on the stock exchange trading floor was replaced by electronic trading. As such, London Stock Exchange no longer has a trading floor. If you want to learn more about the history of London Stock Exchange, visit our History page.

What are London Stock Exchange trading hours?

London Stock Exchange trading hours are from 8:00 to 16:30.

What is London Stock Exchange’s Order Book and how can I access it?

The Order Book is simply a two-column listing of buyers and sellers. In one column you find investors willing to buy at a specific price. In the other column investors willing to sell. The buy and sell columns are both arranged on a price/time priority basis. It means that the highest price someone is willing to pay will be at the top of the buy column. Similarly, the lowest price someone is willing to sell is at the top of the sell column. London Stock Exchange’s Order Book attracts the largest trading volumes for the majority of UK stocks. To access and benefit from the Order Book, you need to open an account with a broker offering Direct Market Access. Learn more on our Direct Market Access page.

What is a member firm?

As one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges, London Stock Exchange can trace its history back more than 300 years. Members used to meet on the exchange trading floor to buy and sell shares. Although the trading floor closed in 1986. Member Firms still trade with each other electronically. Only firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can become Member Firms of London Stock Exchange, adding a further layer of regulatory oversight. A Member Firm is able to directly access London Stock Exchange trading systems across a range of asset classes including equities, bonds or exchange traded funds. Member Firms are bound to and must comply with London Stock Exchange rules.

Buying, selling or transferring shares

Can I purchase shares on your website?

London Stock Exchange does not offer investment advice or services. To access our markets, you need to get in touch with a stockbroker.

We have a directory of UK brokers who are members of London Stock Exchange. Use our Find a Broker service to find the most suitable broker for your requirements. Specific offering information can be found directly on brokers websites.

How do I trade international shares?

In the UK, many brokers offer to trade international shares. If you are looking to target a specific geography or industry, take the time to research brokers offerings. 

Our Find a Broker service will help you to search brokers that are members of London Stock Exchange. More specific information is available directly on their websites.

Can I sell my shares outside the UK?

You need to get in touch with your local broker who will able to provide you with more information. If you don't have a broker yet, you can find London Stock Exchange stockbrokers in our Broker Directory. If you are overseas, you might want to search for a local broker. 

A deceased family member has left me shares, what do I do?

If the shares have been transferred to you, you should approach a stockbroker or an independent financial advisor who can help you decide on the best approach depending of your specific situation. 
Our Find a Broker service can help you find the most suitable firm to advise you further.

How can I request for a stock transfer certificate?

London Stock Exchange does not issue stocks certificates. To request a stock transfer certificate, get in touch with your stockbroker. If you don't have a stockbroker, you can find a list on our Broker Directory

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Exploring our data and analytics

Where can I search securities listed on London Stock Exchange markets?

Our Price Explorer is a powerful tool to find London Stock Exchange listed instruments. You can filter by asset class, markets, admission date and sectors. If you already know what security you are looking for, you can’t type in the instrument name or ISIN into the search bar.

What information do you provide on listed companies?

Extensive information on issuers listed on our markets is available through our Price Explorer service. Each company profile provides you with market and fundamental data as well as summarised news and insights. If you need any additional information, you can always navigate to the issuer website from there.

Where can I find upcoming and recent issues?

You can find a list of expected listings and recent issues on our New Issues page. This page is updated frequently to reflect information submitted by issuers.

Do you have information on pan-European securities?

Whilst we focus primarily on securities listed on our markets, we also have data on securities trading on Turquoise. Turquoise is a professional pan-European trading venue owned in majority by London Stock Exchange and in partnership with several banks. You can search over 4500+ securities available on Turquoise on our Turquoise instrument page.

Where can I download market data and statistics?

In our Reports section, we have centralised all statistics available for you to consult and download. For example, you can find historical lists of IPOs going back to  1999 or extensive orderbook trading statistics. Use filters and dedicated FAQs to locate useful documents. 

My Account and Tools

How can I change my username on my profile?

The initial username cannot be updated once an account is created. Your username acts as a unique identifier for your website account. 

I forgot my password what should I do?

You can always reset your password. To do that visit the Login page and click on ‘Forgot your username / password?’ and instructions will be sent to you.

I cannot access my London Stock Exchange account?

Please fill in the, ‘is this page useful’ form at the bottom of the page and describe your issue and our team will be in touch.

Where can I find Email Alerts?

You can access the service and related FAQs on the Email Alerts page.

Where can I find Virtual Portfolio and Watchlist?

You can access the service and related FAQs on the Virtual Portfolio and Watchlist page.

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