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346.00 0.29%
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Open / Last close
- / 345.00
High / Low
347.50 / 343.50
Bid / Offer
342.00 / 350.00
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Trading Status: Regular Trading
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SFORORD 25P346.00

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345.00 / 31 July 2020
52 week range
110.00 / 345.00
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1 year return

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- %
Issue date
28 September 2018
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
03.08.20 09:35:17 350.00 GBX 566 1,981.00 Off-Book - XLON
03.08.20 09:33:13 350.00 GBX 214 749.00 Off-Book - XLON
03.08.20 09:23:28 350.00 GBX 113 395.50 Off-Book - XLON
03.08.20 09:18:14 350.00 GBX 14 49.00 Off-Book - XLON
03.08.20 09:14:48 350.00 GBX 426 1,491.00 Off-Book - XLON

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June 8th 2020, 12:00:00pm

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Merger with Orca Pacific

S4 Capital has announced the merger of Orca Pacific with Mighty Hive. Orca Pacific is a full-service Amazon agency and boutique consultancy based out of Seattle, which builds on the existing Amazon relationship of the group. The combination with Mighty Hive creates an end to end eCommerce offerin ...

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MightyHive and Lens10 merger & NED

S4 Capital has announced the merger of Lens10, a leading Australian digital strategy & analytics consultancy, with MightyHive, its data & programmatic media practice. Founded in 2010, Lens10 provides a range of data services including digital strategy, digital analytics, optimisation and ...

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AGM update

S4 Capital has released an encouraging AGM statement reiterating its expectation for double-digit LFL Gross Profit growth at a reasonably strong margin in FY20, while maintaining balance sheet strength. LFL Gross Profit growth was +15% for 4m, with January +33% and February +21% before the severe ...

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Q1 results update

S4 Capital has reported industry-leading Q1 results, with LFL Gross Profit up +19%. Within this, January was +33% before COVID-19 impacted China in February, curtailing growth to +21%, and then Europe/US went into lockdown in March, resulting in growth slowing to +6%. Echoing the comments of Alph ...

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FY19 results update

S4 Capital has reported very strong FY19 results, which were ahead of our expectations at the Gross Profit, EBITDA & EPS level. The new financial year has started strongly, with LFL Gross Profit growth up over +30% in January, ahead of our +25% assumption for FY20. The group has yet to detect ...

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