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52.00 / 05 June 2020
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29 August 2019
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05.06.20 10:32:52 52.00 GBX -15,000 -7,800.00 Off-Book CANC AIMX
05.06.20 16:18:17 52.65 GBX 3,798 1,999.65 Off-Book - AIMX
05.06.20 15:06:04 52.68 GBX 370 194.92 Off-Book - AIMX
05.06.20 14:39:16 52.65 GBX 2 1.05 Off-Book - AIMX
05.06.20 12:34:40 52.13 GBX 50,000 26,062.50 Off-Book LRGS AIMX

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from Brickability Group PLC
Cenkos: Housebuilding -- Forward into a brave new world

We know that the contracting end of the industry has continued to site operate in a very piecemeal fashion throughout this pandemic, with limited official guidance beyond acceptable safe working practises. As more and more sites become accessible the main contractors' return to work will be largely self-determined and appear to the outside world as somewhat seamless. The greatest challenge facing the contractors in my view is the inefficiency of working in this new environment and supply chain r

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Cenkos: Brickability Group Plc -- Strategy still in place

Few companies can be better equipped than Brickability to bunker down and withstand almost whatever trading difficulties coronavirus subjects the industry to. In ‘lockdown mode' the group has c£25m to potentially £40m of cash resources and a ‘burn' rate of fixed overhead of no more than £1.5m (gross) per month. It will survive this period and emerge with a strength that enables it to pursue its organic growth strategy (new products, larger customer wallet size and share gains) and make accretive

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Cenkos: Brickability Group Plc -- U Plastics acquisition

Brickability's second acquisition post-IPO is U Plastics Ltd, a specialist merchant in UPVC facia, soffits, guttering, exterior cladding and ancillary products. Costing £6m it ticks all the right boxes in so far as authenticating Brickability's ‘buy and build' strategy. In summary, U Plastics Ltd:  Introduces new lateral product lines (to a common end-market and customer profile).  Provides its own platform for further geographic expansion.  Is being ‘cheaply' acquired (sub-5x EV/ EBITDA)

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Small Cap Feast

Inspecs, a UK designer, manufacturer and distributor of eyewear frames to global retail chains announces its intention to IPO onto AIM raising £94m with a market cap of £138m. Admission expected 27th February. FY Dec 2018 numbers show revenue of $57m and underlying EBITDA of $11m

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Cenkos: Brickability Group Plc - Let the acquisition strategy begin

McCann Roofing Products becomes Brickability's first acquisition since IPO in late August and kicks off the ‘Buy and Build' strategy which will focus on related or (client) compatible businesses. It is also on point financially being acquired at a c4x exit EV/ EBITDA and 0.33x EV/sales, both ratios that are below the existing group rates of c7x (to Mar-21) and c0.8x thus instantly ‘adding value'. We fully anticipate McCann being the first in a series of accretive buys that, in parallel with goo

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