Price (GBX)
2,375.00 1.50% (35.00)
Track 1 instrument
Open / Last close
2,395.00 / 2,340.00
High / Low
2,425.00 / 2,375.00
Bid / Offer
2,375.00 / 2,385.00
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Trading Status: Regular Trading
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ATTORD 25P2,375.00

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2,340.00 / 22 September 2020
52 week range
1,278.00 / 2,575.00
YTD return
1 year return

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Instrument market cap (£m)
Earnings per share
Issue date
01 May 2007
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
23.09.20 15:01:19 2,377.55 GBX 80 1,902.04 Off-Book - XLON
23.09.20 15:00:51 2,375.00 GBX 6 142.50 Off-Book - XOFF
23.09.20 14:58:41 2,375.00 GBX 12 285.00 AT ALGO XLON
23.09.20 14:58:41 2,380.00 GBX 19 452.20 AT ALGO XLON
23.09.20 14:58:41 2,380.00 GBX 2 47.60 AT ALGO XLON

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Allianz Technology - Overview

Allianz Technology Trust (ATT) is a highly differentiated and actively managed trust, aiming to profit from technological innovation and disruption. Importantly, the trust uses its structural advantages to invest, from time to time, in mid-cap high growth companies as well as large and mega-caps. As ...

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