Covered warrants

Covered warrants explained

Covered warrants are listed securities issued by financial institutions that are then made available for trading on London Stock Exchange. A covered warrant gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset, at a specified price, on or before a predetermined date.

Covered warrants are similar to options but typically have a longer maturity and are issued over a wide range of assets. There are five types of covered warrants: stock warrants, commodity, basket, currency and index covered warrants:

  • Stock warrants are covered warrants on a single stock with the main focus being on popular UK blue-chip shares.
  • Commodity covered warrants allow investors to take positions on commodities in smaller size and in sterling.
  • Basket covered warrants, for a particular theme or sector, are a number of stocks grouped together. Investors can can then obtain exposure to this basket by buying one single security.
  • Currency covered warrants are available on a range of exchange rates.
  • Index covered warrants can be issued across indexes. In the UK the FTSE 100 index is the most consistently popular underlying index.

Covered warrants trade in an electronic, order-driven trading service where the market maker, who is also the issuer, is obliged to provide two-way prices at a minimum price and maximum spread throughout the trading day and for the lifetime of the instrument. Off-book instruments, which are available for trade reporting only, are also supported.


Why admit covered warrants to London Stock Exchange?

  • Admission to London Stock Exchange's Main Market, an EU-regulated market under MiFID, ensures high standards of disclosure
  • Transparency offered by continuous market maker quoting on electronic order-book
  • Added flexibility of off-book trading on-exchange
  • Price and trading data disseminated to more than 140,000 terminals worldwide in addition to end investors worldwide via Exchange data feeds, ensuring global reach
  • Allows product providers to leverage London Stock Exchange's extensive distribution



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