Broker directory search

What is broker directory search?

Broker directory search provides a list of brokers, which can be filtered accordingly to specific criteria. All brokers are registered member firms of London Stock Exchange.

What is the default display?

By default, you will see a list of all the brokers sorted by alphabetical order [A-Z].

How to filter and view broker profiles?

By default the filter window is closed. Click on the filter icon (next to Filter our Retail brokers text) on the blue bar in order to expand the filter window.

Once you expand the filter window, you will see the below two filters are available.

  • Member firm broker name - Use this filter to search by typing the name of the retail broker.
  • Broker services - Use this filter to search by the services that retail brokers provide.

Click on the name of any broker in order to view their complete profile.

Find more information about retail brokers and the services they provide on Find a broker page.