Building dialogue between investors and issuers on ESG: a report on disclosure trends

Investor focus on ESG continues to increase – a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The challenge for issuers is to focus and improve their ESG performance as well as how they communicate and engage with investors.

Our ESG Disclosure Score helps issuers to see where they might improve their most important sector specific ESG metrics and understand how they perform relative to peers.

Now in its second year, the ESG Disclosure Score shows a positive trajectory of disclosure, but analysis shows that more work is required to improve disclosure across all industries, and in particular, for the ‘Social’ component of ESG.

To mark the release of the 2020 scores, we’ve created a short report that outlines the growing importance of disclosure for issuers and investors, explores year-on-year trends, and reveals which industries are leading the way in disclosure practices.

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Building dialogue with investors on ESG
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