Replay and analyse historic trading scenarios


Company news, world events and trading behaviours impact financial markets in different ways. For market professionals, understanding these impacts precisely enables them to make smarter, more informed decisions. To enhance this capability for a wide array of users, we’ve developed and launched xMR (external market replay) - LSEG’s new market visualisation technology.

xMR enables existing public historical market data (all orders and trades) to be rebuilt simply and quickly, by any user with data provided down to the microsecond and full ‘order book depth’ visibility.


This allows users to:

  • Conduct trade scenario reconstruction order by order, trade by trade.
  • Achieve compliance regulatory assurance by allowing users to easily analyse real trading scenarios across multiple securities.
  • Immediately check for trade execution troubleshooting or best execution provision for clients.
  • Analyse any signs of volatility in the market, such as the activation of circuit breakers.

Combined with associated contextual dashboards and charting, xMR opens up existing public market data from London Stock Exchange and Turquoise, making complex market analysis available to all, helping to deconstruct complex trading scenarios and educate users about modern stock market structure.

Key product benefits:

  •   Replay the order book in simulated real-time
  •   View quotes and trades down to the millisecond level
  •   Replay stock history to test trading strategies
  •   Share a replay with clients to confirm best execution

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