Manage memberships online

The Member Portal enables members to manage their member profile and technical configuration via a single online interface:

  • Member Information: company details and regulatory authorisation
  • Market Management: trading service access; identifiers; clearing & settlement configuration (LSEplc)
  • Technical Configuration: configuration for production trading systems
  • Compliance Information: compliance contacts and registered persons for order deletion
  • User Management: manage user access and permissions.
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Control access

Member firms are able to nominate one or multiple ‘Super Users’ for their company to  set up and control individual user permissions for their company. Individual users can view and manage member data.

Companies that are member firms of both London Stock Exchange and Turquoise can either set up users to manage both memberships with easy navigation between Turquoise and London Stock Exchange areas or retain segregated access and management. Similarly, member firms of EuroTLX and CC&G will be able to extend their Member Portal user profile to access London Stock Exchange and Turquoise membership details where they receive related permissions from a Super User.

MiFID II Enhancements

The Member Portal also supports the following functionality for MIFID II :

  • Short Code and Long Code Mapping facility
  • Member declarations relating to algorithmic trading and Direct Electronic Access
  • Algorithmic Market Making registration

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