Price (GBX)
2,065.00 -3.28%
Open / Last close
- / 2,065.00
High / Low
2,115.00 / 2,065.00
Bid / Offer
2,075.00 / 2,085.00
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PINORD 67P2,065.00

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2,065.00 / 29 May 2020
52 week range
1,274.00 / 2,620.00
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1 year return

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- %
Issue date
19 December 2005
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
29.05.20 17:07:11 2,065.00 GBX 500 10,325.00 Off-Book - XOFF
29.05.20 17:04:42 2,065.10 GBX 125 2,581.38 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
29.05.20 16:35:09 2,065.00 GBX 6,655 137,425.75 UT - XLON
29.05.20 16:29:18 2,075.00 GBX 8 166.00 AT ALGO XLON
29.05.20 16:28:46 2,085.00 GBX 12 250.20 AT ALGO XLON

Equity Research

from Pantheon International PLC
The Monthly May 2020

There has been much comment on the fact that equity markets in the US and Europe have been shrinking for some years now, certainly in terms of the number of quoted companies, if not in total market capitalisation (MCap). This paper has been written with the assistance of the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) and focuses on the evidence for such in the London market and, in particular, that for smaller and midcap companies. It assesses that evidence and considers explanations. Finally, we ask why it matters, and assuming that it does, what practical steps can be taken to reverse the trend. Successful public markets have been a key part of the United Kingdom’s economic success for generations, even centuries, and we should not allow them to wither on the vine.

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THE MONTHLY April 2020

View report
THE MONTHLY March 2020

Much of the UK’s privatisation programme took place between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s: subsequent sales have been few. Undoubtedly, privatisation attracted many private investors to the market, many for the first time.

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2020 interim results: consistency in delivery

The key results message was “more of the same”, including: i) market-beating core NAV growth (known given previous disclosures); ii) strong EBITDA growth in underlying companies; iii) good cash generation; iv) strong uplift to carry cost from realisations (giving valuation confidence); and iv) a conservative over-commitment policy. In our initiation 11.9% average annual NAV growth since 1987, we noted: i) PE funds outperform quoted companies; ii) PIP is in the right parts of the PE market; iii) the Pantheon family benefits; and iv) a value-added fund selection process. PIP gives access to the whole PE market, with strong corporate governance.

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Hardman & Co Monthly: February 2020

We recently published a paper, Share ownership: For the many, not the few, based on a statistical survey of share ownership, produced jointly with Argus Vickers, the share analysis service. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has now issued its equivalent survey. This paper compares its results with ours. Although there are, inevitably, differences in the detail, the two surveys reach the same conclusions.

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Half Yearly Report - 30 November 2019


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