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153.00 -0.26%
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155.60 / 153.00
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PHPORD 12.5P153.00

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153.00 / 05 June 2020
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126.20 / 165.60
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12 November 2015
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05.06.20 17:14:26 153.60 GBX 20 30.72 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
05.06.20 17:11:53 153.60 GBX 20 30.72 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
05.06.20 17:09:51 152.99 GBX 651 995.99 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
05.06.20 17:07:01 153.24 GBX 767 1,175.37 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
05.06.20 17:02:34 152.98 GBX 45 68.84 Off-Book TNCP XOFF

Equity Research

from Primary Health Properties Plc
The Monthly June 2020

Much has been written about the effects of the virus on the world and on the stock market. Here is one analyst’s take on some of the likely impacts on the way we should look at companies. This article was originally produced as a blog, “10 Changes Post Virus”, which was published a few weeks ago.

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Safer harbour REITS: an update

A number of REITs have the ability to thrive in current market conditions and thereafter. Not only do they hold assets that will remain in strong demand, but they have focus and transparency. The leases and underlying rents are structured in a manner to provide long visibility, growth and security. Hardman & Co defined an investment universe of REITs that we considered provided security and “safer harbours”. We introduced this universe with our report published in March 2019: “Secure income” REITs – Safe Harbour Available. Here, we take forward the investment case and story. We point to six REITs, in particular, where we believe the risk/reward is the most attractive.

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The Monthly May 2020

There has been much comment on the fact that equity markets in the US and Europe have been shrinking for some years now, certainly in terms of the number of quoted companies, if not in total market capitalisation (MCap). This paper has been written with the assistance of the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) and focuses on the evidence for such in the London market and, in particular, that for smaller and midcap companies. It assesses that evidence and considers explanations. Finally, we ask why it matters, and assuming that it does, what practical steps can be taken to reverse the trend. Successful public markets have been a key part of the United Kingdom’s economic success for generations, even centuries, and we should not allow them to wither on the vine.

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First quarter of 2020

The covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the share price of property companies, with 31% wiped off the value of their total market capitalisation during the first quarter of 2020.

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Primary Health Properties - Secure income continuing

To accompany its AGM, Primary Health Properties (PHP) issued a trading update covering Q120. With 90% of contracted rental income paid directly or indirectly by the UK or Irish governments and the balance primarily coming from co-located pharmacies, rent collection remained robust through Q120. Reflecting the security and predictability of cash flows, PHP has no change to dividend policy and confirms payment of the recently declared second quarterly DPS of 1.475p as planned.

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