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Keywords Studios is a technical services provider to the video games industry. Co.'s segments include: Localization Services, which relate to translation and cultural adaptation of in-game text and audio scripts; Localization Testing, which includes testing of linguistic correctness and cultural acceptability of computer games; Audio/Voiceover Services, which relate to audio production process for computer games; Functional Testing, which relates to quality assurance services provided to game producers; Art Creation Services, which relate to the production of graphical art assets for inclusion in the video game; and Customer Support, which relates to the live operations support services.
South County Business Park, Leopardstown, D18 T9P8, Ireland Map
Industry classification What's this?
FTSE industry
Consumer Discretionary
FTSE supersector
Consumer Products and Services
FTSE sector
Leisure Goods
FTSE subsector
Electronic Entertainment
Company Level FCA Listing Category
Issuer Market Cap £m
Admission date
12 July 2013
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