Price (GBX)
685.00 0.15%
Track 1 instrument
Open / Last close
- / 685.00
High / Low
689.00 / 685.00
Bid / Offer
685.00 / 688.00
Special Condition: -
Trading Status: Market Close
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JEOORD 1P685.00

Price information

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Open price
Previous close price / date
685.00 / 07 August 2020
52 week range
534.00 / 926.00
YTD return
1 year return

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Earnings per share
Dividend (yield)
0.67 %
Issue date
02 December 2005
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Market segment
Trading service
Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
07.08.20 16:35:27 685.00 GBX 6,115 41,887.75 UT - XLON
07.08.20 16:31:15 685.50 GBX 15,000 102,825.00 Off-Book PRIC XLON
07.08.20 16:29:45 687.00 GBX 45 309.15 AT - XLON
07.08.20 16:29:45 687.00 GBX 8 54.96 AT - XLON
07.08.20 16:08:14 687.00 GBX 3,692 25,364.04 Off-Book - XLON

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