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7.70 -%
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- / 7.70
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7.70 / 7.70
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6.90 / 8.50
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GMPORD USD0.017.70
GMPPORD USD0.01 (GBP)682.50

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7.70 / 05 June 2020
52 week range
4.78 / 745.00
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5.58 %
Issue date
19 July 2017
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
03.06.20 16:45:43 6.90 USD 500 3,450.00 UT N XLON
03.06.20 14:05:55 6.90 USD 41,215 284,383.50 Off-Book N XLON
21.05.20 11:00:27 6.95 USD 3,570 24,811.50 UT N XLON
24.04.20 16:35:21 7.10 USD 3,200 22,720.00 UT N XLON
24.04.20 16:17:18 7.00 USD 3,200 22,400.00 Off-Book N XLON

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Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust - Overview

Gabelli Merger Plus+ (GMP/GMPP) aims to provide uncorrelated absolute returns by investing in announced mergers to earn the spread between the deal price and the market price of the acquired company. Whilst investment is predominantly through equities or instruments tied to equities, it is seeking to benefit from share price uplift offered by the risk premium attached to announced deals; as such, returns will not be driven by wider equity market moves. The company aims to pay a 5% dividend yield on NAV, paid out of the cash received when deals close. Although this trust was launched in July 2017, Gabelli has managed funds with this approach since 1985; in this period, it has generated annualised returns of 10.5% (gross of fees) with low correlation to equity markets. While the trust’s NAV total returns have been solid since launch, with returns of c.15.6%, share price returns have lagged as a moderate discount has opened; this now stands at c. -9%. Dividends have been in line with the proposed payout of 5% since launch on the starting NAV. However, with the trust moving to a discount the annualised yield of the current latest payout is an attractive 5.3% A sterling quote for the shares has recently been launched and trades under the symbol ‘GMPP’; this is aimed at improving trading volumes and liquidity, and to broaden the shareholder register in the UK.

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There may be trouble ahead

Investors returned to real life with a bump this month. As markets re-opened for the new year, shares tumbled around the world on renewed fears over the US-China trade wars among several other factors. The market sell off - which began in October - shows little sign of abating. It is understandable then that investors are increasingly looking for ways to protect portfolios. The large multi-asset macro absolute return funds, which many have been relying on for support in these sorts of circumstances, have largely been a disappointment which only increases the urgency of the search. In our view, there are a number of interesting options in the closed-ended space that may have flown under the radar. We take a look under the bonnet to try to discover why multi-asset macro funds have struggled and attempt to identify some possible closed-ended alternatives.

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