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66.00 -% (-)
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- / 66.00
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68.50 / 66.00
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65.00 / 67.00
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FIPPORD 10P66.00

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66.00 / 22 October 2020
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46.00 / 84.00
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02 February 2011
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
22.10.20 12:32:12 66.60 GBX 2,000 1,332.00 Off-Book - AIMX
22.10.20 11:36:39 65.25 GBX 1,000 652.51 Off-Book - AIMX
22.10.20 09:44:20 65.25 GBX 545 355.62 Off-Book - AIMX
21.10.20 12:24:59 65.10 GBX 159 103.51 Off-Book N AIMX
21.10.20 10:15:41 65.10 GBX 136 88.54 Off-Book N AIMX

Equity Research

from Frontier IP Group PLC
TVG vaccine collaboration with ECO and Pirbright

The Vaccine Group (TVG) has agreed a collaboration with the world-leading Pirbright Institute to develop a vaccine to combat type-1 PRRSV disease, as part of an 18-month development project funded by ECO Animal Health (EAH-LON). PRRSV is a viral disease causing reproductive failure and often fatal r ...

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Nandi £720k financing; fundraise and progress drives forecast upgrades

Frontier IP has announced it has invested £320k in a £720k convertible loan financing of Nandi Proteins. Nandi Proteins is developing functional proteins for food ingredients aimed at reducing levels of fat, additives and gluten in processed foods addressing important social, health and environmenta ...

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Frontier IP participates in £500k PulsiV financing

Frontier IP has announced it has invested £50k in a £500k convertible loan financing of PulsiV. Frontier IP has a 18.9% equity holding in PulsiV, which was last valued at £0.9m on the balance sheet. Whilst the commercial terms of the loan are unknown, it is not expected to have ...

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Successful placing of £2.3m to strengthen balance sheet

Frontier IP has successful completed an oversubscribed £2.3m raise with new and existing institutional shareholder support that significantly supports its balance sheet. There was also a retail offering, which will help improve liquidity in the stock. The deal gives Frontier IP the balance ...

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Progress of The Vaccine Group’s Covid-19 animal vaccines

The Vaccine Group (TVG; a 17% holding for Frontier IP) has announced positive progress for its novel animal Covid-19 vaccines. Two vaccine candidates of the four in development are now progressing after just eight weeks into animal testing after demonstrating in vitro expression of antigens belon ...

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