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DIGSORD 1P140.20

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141.40 / 04 June 2020
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96.50 / 212.50
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3.79 %
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20 May 2013
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05.06.20 13:52:31 139.82 GBX 2 2.80 Off-Book - XLON
05.06.20 13:50:14 140.80 GBX 20 28.16 Off-Book - SINT
05.06.20 13:37:00 140.40 GBX 232 325.73 Off-Book - SINT
05.06.20 13:31:02 140.48 GBX 1,779 2,499.21 Off-Book - XLON
05.06.20 13:20:47 140.00 GBX 43,919 61,486.60 Off-Book - XLON

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Safer harbour REITS: an update

A number of REITs have the ability to thrive in current market conditions and thereafter. Not only do they hold assets that will remain in strong demand, but they have focus and transparency. The leases and underlying rents are structured in a manner to provide long visibility, growth and security. Hardman & Co defined an investment universe of REITs that we considered provided security and “safer harbours”. We introduced this universe with our report published in March 2019: “Secure income” REITs – Safe Harbour Available. Here, we take forward the investment case and story. We point to six REITs, in particular, where we believe the risk/reward is the most attractive.

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First quarter of 2020

The covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the share price of property companies, with 31% wiped off the value of their total market capitalisation during the first quarter of 2020.

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First Quarter of 2020

We have knitted together the impact on the investment companies from what is now widely considered to be the most severe pandemic in a century. The collapse in asset prices over the latter part of March, brought the curtain down on an up-market that lasted more than ten years. In amongst this, there were pockets, such as the technology sector, that held up well. For many industries, the worst is still to come, as we brace ourselves for the sharpest contraction to global growth since the US great depression.

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GCP Student Living - Strong NAV returns and quarterly DPS increase

GCP Student Living (DIGS) continued to generate strong accounting and share price returns in the three months ended 31 December 2019 (Q220). Portfolio performance continues to benefit from strong supply-demand fundamentals in the markets in which it operates, primarily in and around London (85% of the portfolio value). This is reflected in full occupancy, above inflation rental growth and tightening valuation yields. Dividends are growing and cover building as new assets come on stream and DIGS is well on track for full cover on a fully developed and let basis.

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GCP Student Living - Overview

GCP Student Living (DIGS) owns a portfolio of student accommodation buildings located in areas of high demand and low supply – London, Brighton and Bristol. It aims to provide capital returns and dividends that can grow in line with or above inflation, although the majority of its income is not directly index-linked. Returns to date have validated the thesis that high quality, modern accommodation would lead to capital gains and income growth, with the capital values of the portfolio being substantially written up and the accommodation running at 100% occupancy over the past three years. NAV total returns have been substantially ahead of the average real estate investment trust (REIT) and the FTSE index, as we discuss in the Performance section. The dividend has grown each year, and the last annual payout of 6.15p amounts to a yield of 3.5% at current share price levels. We discuss the levels of cover in the Dividend section. The trust has traded on a significant premium for much of its life, which reduces the yield for those buying now. The company, which is a REIT, owns 11 properties, with agreements signed to purchase a further two. There is debt secured against individual assets (see Gearing section).

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