From Capital Gearing Trust PLC
Capital Gearing Trust plc was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 1973. Peter Spiller took over as the investment manager of the Company in 1982 and has held that position through to today. Since 1982 the Company has delivered amongst the best returns of any London listed investment trust, with notably few periods of negative performance Initially Capital Gearing Trust plc invested entirely into investment trust related equity securities. Over time the investment focus of the Company has broadened out to include cash, government bonds, corporate bonds as well as investment trust securities. In 2015 the Company adopted a zero discount policy. The objective of this policy is ensure that in normal market conditions the share price and underlying net asset value of the Company do not meaningfully diverge.
Waterfront Plaza, 8 Laganbank Road, Belfast, BT1 3LR, United Kingdom Map
Industry classification What's this?
FTSE industry
FTSE supersector
Financial Services
FTSE sector
Closed End Investments
FTSE subsector
Closed End Investments
Company Level FCA Listing Category
Issuer Market Cap £m
Admission date
09 February 1973
Country of Incorporation
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