Price (GBX)
54.20 -4.58% (-2.60)
Track 1 instrument
Open / Last close
- / 54.20
High / Low
55.40 / 54.20
Bid / Offer
54.40 / 55.40
Special Condition: XD
Trading Status: Market Close
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Open price
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54.20 / 18 September 2020
52 week range
41.00 / 89.40
YTD return
1 year return

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Earnings per share
Issue date
20 March 2006
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Trading service
Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
18.09.20 17:19:00 54.20 GBX 148 80.22 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
18.09.20 16:49:23 54.20 GBX 18,825 10,203.15 Off-Book OILQ XLON
18.09.20 16:35:25 54.20 GBX 358,953 194,552.53 UT - XLON
18.09.20 16:29:58 54.40 GBX 1,433 779.55 AT ALGO XLON
18.09.20 16:29:58 55.40 GBX 136 75.34 AT ALGO XLON

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BMO Real Estate Investments - Overview

BMO Real Estate Investments (BREI) owns a portfolio of UK commercial property with strong biases to the industrials sector and the South East of England. The former has been the most resilient sector in the current crisis, while the latter is the economic engine of the country. The manager, Peter Lo ...

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Commercial property investors have experienced a wildly volatile few months and the outlook is still extremely uncertain too, thanks to the government response to the coronavirus outbreak. Many investment companies have cut or cancelled their dividends; and the pace and scope of the lockdown lifting ...

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BMO Real Estate Investments - Overview

BMO Real Estate Investments (BREI) is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which aims to generate an attractive income from a portfolio of commercial property assets selected for their quality characteristics and income-generating potential. One of the key attractions is the yield on the portfolio ...

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Life on Mars: could inflation take us back to the '70s?

Inflation has been relatively tame for the past two decades, yet history suggests it would be unwise to reject the possibility of a damaging period of higher inflation out of hand. Central banks’ post-crisis quantitative easing policies have not led to the high inflation expected by some, but period ...

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Fidante Daily Digest

RDL Securitisation – Temporary suspension and portfolio update | F&C UK Real Estate – Change in company name

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