Price (GBX)
482.30 -3.35% (-16.70)
Track 1 instrument
Open / Last close
501.60 / 499.00
High / Low
501.60 / 481.00
Bid / Offer
482.10 / 482.50
Special Condition: -
Trading Status: Regular Trading
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BDEVORD 10P481.90

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Open price
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499.00 / 17 September 2020
52 week range
364.70 / 878.40
YTD return
1 year return

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Earnings per share
Issue date
18 June 2007
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Trading service
Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
18.09.20 15:08:24 482.10 GBX 700 3,374.70 Off-Book - SINT
18.09.20 15:08:21 481.90 GBX 419 2,019.16 AT ALGO XLON
18.09.20 15:08:21 481.90 GBX 153 737.31 AT ALGO XLON
18.09.20 15:08:21 482.10 GBX 376 1,812.70 AT ALGO XLON
18.09.20 15:08:21 482.10 GBX 430 2,073.03 AT ALGO XLON

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May 9th 2019, 6:00:00am
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July 10th 2019, 6:00:00am
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September 4th 2019, 6:00:00am
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The Promised Land

Red Dwarf, the very British sci-fi comedy franchise, ran for 11 seasons – most recently in 2017; and The Promised Land is a feature-length TV movie – out this year. Yes, the programme is an acquired taste. Strangely, too, many episodes are impacted by a virus or three (physiological, ...

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UK Housebuilding Sector: 2020 vision: Sharpness and clarity for industry prospects

For fighter pilots, it is a minimum requirement. But having 20/20 ‘visual acuity’ (correct term) does not necessarily mean you have perfect vision (as convention assumes); instead, it indicates sharpness and clarity of vision at a distance. It is measured by a Snellen Chart, which dis ...

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UK Housebuilding Sector in 3Q 2019: ‘And then there were 17’

Dame Agatha Christie (née Miller) published more than 80 books and plays; and the Guinness Book of World Records lists her as the best-selling novelist of all time with roughly two billion copies sold. ‘And then there were none’ was originally published in 1939, with an un-poli ...

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Cenkos: Building & Construction

Due to a change in Analyst role, Cenkos Securities plc has suspended coverage of the following stocks (see table 1). Our previous recommendation and forecasts can no longer be relied upon.

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UK Housebuilding Sector in 2Q 2019

Dwight Barkley PhD is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick. He studies waves in excitable media such as the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, heart tissue and neurons. In 1997, Dr Barkley and Dr Laurette Tuckerman, a Paris-based mathematical physicist, developed ‘bifurcation analysis ...

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