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610.00 -% (-)
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- / 610.00
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600.00 / 620.00
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AEMCORD 1P610.00

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610.00 / 26 October 2020
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435.50 / 634.00
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10 November 2009
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26.10.20 16:37:45 605.00 GBX 1,500 9,075.00 Off-Book N XLON
26.10.20 16:29:04 605.00 GBX 285 1,724.25 AT N ALGO XLON
26.10.20 16:29:04 605.00 GBX 346 2,093.30 AT N ALGO XLON
26.10.20 16:29:01 605.00 GBX 167 1,010.35 AT N ALGO XLON
26.10.20 16:29:01 605.00 GBX 742 4,489.10 AT N ALGO XLON

Equity Research

from Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Co Ltd
Peer group leading China exposure

Since our most recent note, the managers of Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company (AEMC) have significantly increased the fund’s exposure to China. With 38.9% of the fund now allocated to China and 72.5% to wider Asia-Pacific, extensive exposure is provided to the region that has bee ...

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Focused on returns

The managers of Aberdeen Emerging Markets (AEMC) are optimistic about the prospects for the company. Strong performance last year has not yet translated into a reduction in the discount that the share price trades at relative to the asset value, but if outperformance can be maintained, this shoul ...

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Third Quarter of 2019

There was palpable shift in sentiment over the third quarter with the cautionary undertone perhaps best reflected by gold’s resurgence. Ongoing trade jockeying between the US and China did not help the mood and neither did the Argentine debt default in August. At the real economy level, man ...

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The stars may be aligning

Year to date, Aberdeen Emerging Markets (AEMC) has been performing well, outstripping both its benchmark and the average of its peer group by some margin (see page 8). The members of the investment management team, who predicted a resurgence in AEMC’s performance in 2019, believe there is m ...

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Discounted exposure to discounted assets

Worries about interest rates, trade wars and falling credit growth in markets like China have caused valuations in emerging markets to fall sharply. As trade issues get resolved, China refocuses on growth and the Fed pauses, the managers of Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company (AEMC) beli ...

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