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London Stock Exchange provides a platform for diverse fund strategies to access deep pools of capital from institutional and retail investors. We welcome funds in traditional sectors, such as equities, and in alternative asset classes, including royalties, renewable infrastructure, property and private equity. The London listed fund market is consistently innovating to provide global investors access to unique strategies through a listed fund structure.

London's listed fund market

  • Over 450 listed investment funds that total over $320bn in market capitalisation invest in more than 70 subsectors, providing access to a range of asset classes and geographies.
  • The funds are companies in their own right and are quoted on London Stock Exchange with independent boards of directors.
  • The funds have a closed-end structure with a fixed number of shares in issue, which means that managers can fully invest for the long term by adhering to the investment policy and avoid cash drag.
  • A well-established structure for launching strategies dedicated to investing in alternative asset classes, such as venture capital, private equity, royalties, infrastructure and property.

Hear from our funds

We sat down with three listed funds in property, digital infrastructure, and life sciences to learn more about the closed-ended fund structure, how this supported their strategies and opened doors for their business.

Why choose the London Stock Exchange listed fund market?


The listed fund markets offers an efficient mechanism for growing a fund through further issuances and a permanent source of capital, enabling funds to upscale in size as their strategy evolves.


Secondary markets provide intraday liquidity facilitated by multiple trading channels. Investors can access listed funds directly through their stockbroker or platforms.

Large Investor Base

A well established and knowledgeable investor base with strong understanding of the fund market. Managers looking to launch new strategies can access deep pools of capital from institutional and retail investors.

Strong Ecosystem

High quality advisory community and sell-side research coverage. Advisers, banks, law firms, accounting firms and fund administrators provide support throughout the listed investment fund’s lifecycle.


Test Marketing

At little to no cost, investment fund managers can gauge appetite from large institutional investors for their strategy, with guidance from an established ecosystem of financial advisors prior to any significant financial commitments being made.

Index Inclusion

Listing on the premium segment of the Main Market can enable eligibility for inclusion into the FTSE UK Index Series. The FTSE UK Index Series is designed to represent the platform of UK companies and potential inclusion of a fund in the key indices can drive incremental demand.

Find out about funds we have welcomed to our markets

London Stock Exchange welcomes Urban Logistics REIT to the Main Market

London Stock Exchange today welcomes Urban Logistics REIT (“SHED” or the “Company”) to the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange Main Market following the completion of its transition from the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”).

The Company, having now fully deployed or committed £132 million of capital following the Company’s July fundraising, has identified a further

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London Stock exchange welcomes Atrato Onsite Energy to the Premium Segment of the Main Market

The London Stock exchange today welcomes Atrato Onsite Energy (ROOF), the only investment trust dedicated to investing in onsite energy assets. Today’s ceremony marks the admission of ROOF’s shares to trading on the Premium Segment of the Main Market. 

ROOF primarily invests in behind the meter solar photovoltaic (solar PV) generations system

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London Stock Exchange welcomes Castelnau Group Limited to the Specialist Fund Segment to the Main Market

The London Stock Exchange today welcomes Castelnau Group Limited (‘Castelnau’), an investment company established to invest in public and private companies with the aim of outperforming the FTSE All Share Total Return Index over the long term.  The ordinary shares of Castlenau will be listed on the Specialist Fund Segment of the Main Market.</

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London Stock Exchange welcomes Seraphim Space Investment Trust to the Premium Segment of the Main Market

London Stock Exchange today welcomes Seraphim Space Investment Trust (LSE: SSIT) to trading on the Main Market.

Seraphim Space Investment Trust (“Seraphim”) will invest in a diversified international portfolio of early and growth stage Space Tech businesses. The Company is the world's first listed Space Tech fund and is targeting annualised NAV total return of at least 20 per cent. ov

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Annual Investment Fund Conference 2022

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London Stock Exchange Investment Fund Conference 2022.

Professionals and leading fund managers from the investment fund industry

came together to discuss key trends in the industry and the market outlook for 2022.

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