What’s driving tech IPOs in London?
London Stock Exchange Podcast – Episode 3

Host: Stephen Kelly, Chairman, Tech Nation



Neil Shah, Senior Business Development Manager, London Stock Exchange


Charlie Walker, Group Head of Equity and Fixed Income, London Stock Exchange


Charlie Walker, Head of Equity and Fixed Income at London Stock Exchange and Neil Shah, London Stock Exchange’s Senior Tech Specialist, share valuable insights about what’s driving the significant number of tech and consumer internet IPOs in London. They talk about why entrepreneurs are passing up early takeover offers and choosing to remain independent; why founders are choosing to go public in London and what London Stock Exchange can provide to companies from small scale ups to global unicorns.





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Episode 01

Trustpilot: Behind its London IPO

What doors have opened for Danish tech unicorn Trustpilot since its London IPO? We hear from Peter Holten Mühlmann on decisions made along the way, brand credibility and London’s long-term investor base.


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Episode 02

Life after IPO: Kape Technologies

Ido Erlichman, CEO of Kape Technologies shares the inside track on Kape Technologies’ rise on AIM. Ido shares his advice on how to successfully transform your company while remaining public and leveraging AIM to help grow your business both organically and through acquisition. Hear from Ido on how public company leaders can deliver scale-up success.

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Episode 04

AIM Big: Achieving a successful IPO in London

Sara Murray OBE has scaled and successfully exited multiple businesses in her career to date. We dive into the decisions Sara made in the lead up to the Big Technologies IPO and how Sara ensured the company was prepared for the big day.

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Episode 05

Going direct: a Wise decision

Taavet Hinrikus started his tech career as one of the first employees of Skype and went on to successfully create scale and list Wise (formerly Transferwise) with his friend and co-founder, Kristo Käärmann. Wise took global capital markets by storm in July 2021, as the largest ever listing of a Tech company in London. In this episode, CEO & Chairperson of Founders’ Forum, Brent Hoberman, sits down to discuss the direct listing journey with Taavet.

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