ESG data and scores
London Stock Exchange makes Refinitiv ESG data and scores available to London-listed companies



  •  Get access to Refinitiv’s comprehensive ESG database of more than 10,000 companies. 

  •  Gain a global view of ESG performance in your sector.

  •  Discover what best practice ESG disclosure looks like.

  •  Benchmark your ESG performance against industry peers.



Empowering issuers with ESG data and scores

Investors are demanding greater disclosure of ESG-related data. For many investors around the world, ESG data is fully integrated into their capital allocation decision making.

London Stock Exchange is committed to providing our issuers with support, education and tools to improve and strengthen their dialogue with investors and wider stakeholders on ESG.

As part of that commitment, all London-listed companies now have access to ESG data and scores powered by Refinitiv, one of the industry’s most comprehensive ESG databases covering more than 10,000 companies across 76 countries and including more than 300 different ESG metrics.

Companies can use the platform to gain a truly global view of ESG performance in their sector, including data on carbon emissions, gender pay gap, environmental and human rights controversies, and executive remuneration policies.

For London-listed companies in Refinitiv’s research universe, they can access all of their ESG data in one place and view their individual scores, enabling benchmarking against industry peers.

Issuers can access the data through our Issuer Services platform. Simply log in, click ‘Intelligence’, then ‘ESG’ in the top menu. If you haven’t already registered, you can request access here.

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