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The first offshore Chinese renminbi (RMB) bond was issued in 2014 by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Since then, London Stock Exchange has become the global hub for renminbi bonds and the leading offshore RMB trading hub outside of Asia. Through LSEG, debt issuers can access one of the largest pools of capital and increase their global profile while gaining exposure to RMB. Issuers can choose to list renminbi-denominated bonds on the International Securities Market and Main Market.

What makes our markets different?

  • More than any other financial centre London offers a long-standing and globally oriented investor base.
  • Admission to London Stock Exchange's debt markets allows international governments and companies to access a deep pool of liquidity.
  • Choice of high-quality listed markets – Main Market, International Securities Market or Professional Securities Market.
  • Range of secondary market solutions, including OTC-style trade reporting, end-of-day pricing and fully electronic continuous market maker quoting.
  • Debt listings in London are supported by a range of London Stock Exchange marketing and PR initiatives, tailored to the needs of the issuer.
  • London Stock Exchange and UK Listing Authority offer the highest standards of disclosure and regulatory oversight, while remaining accessible, flexible and predictable in turnaround timings.

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