Issuer Services Flow
The future of debt capital markets issuance

To help simplify the debt capital markets transaction execution process, London Stock Exchange Group is introducing Issuer Services Flow, an end-to-end automation tool using General Legal Mark-up Language (GLML). It helps issuers, dealers, legal advisers and other stakeholders to originate, negotiate and close deals with confidence and efficiency. Developed in collaboration with Nivaura, Flow is a single, secure platform that cuts complexity and costs and is fully auditable.

Solving challenges with Flow

  • Greater efficiency: General-purpose Legal Mark-up Language (GLML) means reduced drafting times and increased automation, enabling counterparties to focus on more valuable interactions in the transaction lifecycle. 
  • Truly end-to-end: Flow can work across the entire transaction lifecycle, digitising all touchpoints and interfacing with a user’s internal systems through STP connectivity. 
  • More intuitive: Flow is built to give current transaction counterparties an intuitive interface, a simplified user experience, and full control of the process. 
  • Fully auditable: Each step within Flow is recorded, giving stakeholders a better way to automate compliance on all deal files. 
  • Highly scalable: Flow offers infrastructure, data and application layers that are designed to manage numerous transactions in parallel and irrespective of the locations of the users. 
  • Secure: Flow uses a zero trust model for all communications, and all services running on LSEG infrastructure. 


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Issuer Services Flow explained
Simplify the way you issue debt capital - with the dedicated end-to-end tool for issuing Medium Term Notes from London Stock Exchange Group
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