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Monument Derivatives Limited

With effect from 6 March 2000 Monument Derivatives Limited ("Monument") will no longer clear its London Stock Exchange business through MeesPierson ICS Limited. From 6 March 2000, Monument's customer business in UK equities and traditional options and its market making business in traditional options transactions, will be cleared through Credit Lyonnais Rouse Limited ("CLR") under a Model A agreement.

From 6 March 2000, Monument's principal business in UK equities will be cleared through Credit Lyonnais Securities ("CLS") under a Model B arrangement.

Additional firm, BIC and SEAQ codes have been issued for some of the business undertaken by Monument. All the relevant codes appear below, with the new codes shown in bold.

Monument acts as a broker dealer in a principal capacity and has access to the electronic order book.

Details are as follows:

11 Old Jewry
Firm CodeMember IDMember MnemonicCREST CodeEuroclear Bank CodeDTC CodeNotes
503MONDGB21MOND503Agency business in UK equities
503MONDGB21MOND50301Agency business in traditional options
504MODEGB31MODE50401Market making in traditional options
504MODEGB21MDLO504Principal business in UK equities

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020 7797 3483 or STX 33483

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01 March 2000

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