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Landsbanki Islands hf

Change of Codes

With effect from the start of business on Monday 10 September 2007, Landsbanki Islands hf ("Landsbanki" or "the firm") will change its CREST Code to that shown below in bold. Any outstanding business will continue to be settled through CREST code 573.

The firm acts in a principal capacity in UK domestic, gilt-edged and fixed interest securities. Landsbanki has access to SETS and SETSmm.

Austurstraeti 11
IS-155 Reykjavik
Firm CodeMember IDMember MnemonicCREST CodeEuroclear Bank CodeDTC CodeNotes
083LAISGB2LLAIS7HMAYSETS, SETSmm, UK Domestic, Gilt-Edged & Fixed Interest Securities

Issue Details

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Membership team


020 7797 3232 or STX 33232

Issue date

07 September 2007

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