News explorer

What is news explorer?

Using the news explorer, you can search for real time regulatory and financial communications which will be published by listed companies, non-listed companies, investors, etc. who registers with Regulatory News Service (RNS). There are no changes to the functionality of this news explorer/search compared to the old website.

What is the default display/filter?

By default, you will see all earnings and news released within the trading day like on the old website. If you want, you can clear the default filters and use other filtering options too.

How to filter?

Use the below filter types in order to search for real-time UK regulatory disclosures and other financial communications.

  • Company or code - Search for a company/security by its name, code (TIDM / EPIC) or International Securities Identification Number (ISIN).
  • Index - Filter companies/securities by FTSE indices.
  • Industry sector - Filter companies/securities by FTSE industry sectors.
  • Headline type - Filter news by its headline type.
  • Source - Filter news by its source (RNS regulatory or RNS Reach)
  • Time period - Filter news by its published date or date range.


What do you find on search results?

Your search results will be consisted of the below information and it will be presented in a table format.

  • Company - Company logo of the security/instrument issuer.
  • Headline - Headline of the news item published.
  • Source - Source of the news item. News can be published by different providers.
  • Date -  Published date of the news.
  • Time - Published time of the news.
  • Price - Price of the related security/instrument which has published the news. This value is the last automatic trade, the last uncrossing price or the mid-price of the best bid and offer prices available for the instrument.
  • Change % - The daily change percentage in the price of the related security/instrument which has published the news, i.e. the difference between the displayed price of an instrument and the last close price as a percentage.


How to sort the search results?

There are two main ways you can sort the search results. Use the drop down option above the search results table in order to select one of the below options.

  • Sort by most recent
  • Sort by most read