Member directory search

What is Member directory search?

Member directory search provides a list of current London Stock Exchange Member firms, which can be filtered accordingly to specific criteria. Each option then leads to specific Member firm profile page with further information on the selected member firm.

What is the default display?

By default, you will see a complete list of  all the registered members in London Stock Exchange sorted by alphabetical order [A-Z].

What are the filters?

You can search for Member firms using one of the below options;

  • Member firm name
  • LEI - Legal Entity Identifier of the Member firm
  • Firm code
  • Member ID
  • Member mnemonic - Used to identify the Member firm in login messages to the Common Customer Gateways (CCG).
  • CREST code - Certificateless Registry for Electronic Share Transfer code of the Member firm
  • DTC code - Depository Trust Company code of the Member firm
  • Euroclear Bank code

Or else, use the alphabetical list.