Trading on EDX gives you access to a range single stock, index and dividend products across Norwegian, Russian and IOB markets.

Benefits of trading on EDX:

  • International gateway - Market participants benefit from the security transparency and regulation in a centralised on-screen marketplace, allowing wider market participation
  • On screen liquidity - High on-screen liquidity facilitated by two way prices from Market Makers across Scandinavia, Europe and the UK
  • Central counterparty protection - All trades are cleared through LCH.Clearnet, who acts as a central counterparty to all trades, ensuring members benefit from reduced counterparty risk and lower operational costs. 
  • Tailor Made Clearing - Our flexible market model and tailor made services mean members benefit from the flexibility and anonymity of the OTC market whilst maintaining the security and efficiency of an on-exchange market.
  • Free Marketplace Service - The MPS desk is based in London consists of a team of experienced brokers who are able to facilitate and source trades.

Information contained in this section includes the following:

For further, information please contact:
Tess McCarthy Thomas Unwin

Head of MPS
Tel: +44 (0)20 7797 4683
Email: teresa.mccarthy@edxlondon.com

Business Development Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7797 4675
Email: thomas.unwin@edxlondon.com


EDX London - Overview Presentation
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IOB Service - Factsheet
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Fee schedule
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Market Maker fee schedule
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