Turquoise derivatives: Information for existing EDX Members
Turquoise Derivatives

From 1st May 2011, EDX London will become Turquoise. The new combined entity will launch a Pan-European equity derivatives offering alongside the existing range of products (currently offered by EDX).The Turquoise website will be updated from that date will all the appropriate information.

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IOB DR Dividend Futures

Designed in cooperation with members, these unique and ground-breaking contracts are the first of their kind globally. CLICK HERE to find out more

Norwegian Derivatives

With on-screen volumes approaching one million contracts per month, the OBX is establishing itself as one of Europe's premier indices.
EDX and Oslo Bors's partnership offers one of the only full trading and clearing links between independent exchanges in Europe and a single, combined order book for Norwegian derivatives.

Russian Derivatives

EDX is firmly established as the international market of choice for Russian and IOB derivatives
Futures and options on the FTSE Russia IOB index and blue chip International Order Book (IOB) depositary receipts (DRs) are available to trade.