London Stock Exchange welcomes single-stock S&L pioneer Leverage Shares ETPs celebrating its 25 listings

Leverage Shares, the pioneer in single-stock Short & leveraged ETPs, is growing its range to 65 instruments. The latest listing comes in response to demand from investors keen on simpler, safer leveraged products for popular US companies, in their own currency. 

The new lineup includes fintech disruptors such as Square and PayPal, UK blue chips that include Barclays and BP, and additional leverage factors to its flagship Tesla ETP. All of the products are physically backed with the underlying shares and trade in GBX, USD and EUR. 

Leverage Shares has the widest offering of single stock S&L ETPs in London, and now constitutes 5% of all ETPs listed on LSE.

Raj Sheth, Sales Director at Leverage Shares commented: “The pandemic has spotlighted the technology sector and fundamentally altered its role in everyday life. The expanded suite of ETPs allows investors to capitalize on this shift, along with bringing this leveraged approach and ability to hedge exposures to well established UK blue chips. The investor response to our simple, yet powerful products has been very positive given the ability to trade both the upside and downside of popular stocks in volatile markets.”

Michael Stanley, Head of ETP Product Development & Product Management, London Stock Exchange, commented: “We congratulateLeverage Shares on the listing of 25 new single stock Short & Leverage ETPs on our markets, adding to their diverse ETP product offering in London. The listings highlight the growing investor demand for innovative products across sectors and geographies, key to providing choice and diversification for their evolving strategies.”

Brian Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer of Qontigo said: “We are very pleased that Leverage Shares chose to partner with us to launch their new family of ETPs based on iSTOXX Single Stock Leveraged indices. We see a strong demand in the market for expressing high conviction investment ideas, and these indices enable investors to do so in a way that is rules-based and transparent”


Name Ticker USD Ticker GBX Ticker EUR EXCHANGE
3x Tesla ETP TSL3 3TSL 3TSE London Stock Exchange 
3x Square ETP SQ3 3SQ 3SQE London Stock Exchange 
3x Zoom ETP ZM3 3ZM 3ZME London Stock Exchange 
3x PayPal ETP PYP3 3PYP 3PYE London Stock Exchange 
3x Shopify ETP SHO3 3SHP 3SHE London Stock Exchange 
3x Royal Dutch ETP RSH3 3RDS 3RDE London Stock Exchange 
3x Vodafone ETP VDF3 3VOD 3VDE London Stock Exchange 
3x Boeing ETP BA3 3BA 3BAE London Stock Exchange 
3x HSBC ETP HSC3 3HSB 3HSE London Stock Exchange 
3x BP ETP BP3L 3BP 3BPE London Stock Exchange 
3x Barclays ETP BCS3 3BAC 3BCE London Stock Exchange 
-2x Short Tesla ETP  TS2S 2STS 2STE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Zoom ETP  ZMS SZM SZME London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Vodafone ETP SVOD VODS SVDE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Square ETP SQS SSQ SSQE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Shopify ETP  SHOS SSHO SSHE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Royal Dutch ETP RDSS SRDS SRDE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short PayPal ETP  PYPS SPYP SPYE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short JPMorgan ETP SJPM JPMS SJPE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short HSBC ETP  SHSB HSBS SHSE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Goldman Sachs ETP SGS GSSS SGSE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Citigroup ETP  CITS SCIT SCTE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short BP ETP  BPS SBP SBPE London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Boeing ETP  BAS SBA BAES London Stock Exchange 
-1x Short Barclays ETP SBCS BCSS SBCE  London Stock Exchange 


Quick facts

Market: Main Market
Instrument market cap (£m)
Listing/Admission to trading
17 Mar 2021
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