London Stock Exchange welcomes RTW Venture Fund Limited to the Premium Segment of the Main Market

RTW Venture Fund Limited, an investment company focused on identifying transformative assets with high growth potential across the biopharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, today announces admission of all of its ordinary shares to listing on the Official List of the Financial Conduct Authority and to trading on the Premium Segment of London Stock Exchange plc's Main Market. It is also introducing an additional market quote for the shares on London Stock Exchange denominated in GBP under ticker “RTWG”. There will be no changes to the legal form or nature of the ordinary shares nor to the reporting currency of the company's financial statements (which will remain in US Dollars).

RTW Venture Fund Limited is managed by RTW Investments, LP, a leading healthcare-focused entrepreneurial investment firm with deep scientific expertise and a strong track record of building and supporting companies developing life-changing therapies. Built on a foundation of deep research, RTW invests in companies looking to bring important new therapies to patients. RTW has developed deep expertise through comprehensive coverage of industry and academic efforts in targeted areas of significant innovation. As a full life-cycle investor RTW has the capabilities to participate in value creation at various inflection points beginning with company creation to late-stage venture and into publicly traded markets.

RTW Venture Fund Limited is listed on London Stock Exchange as a closed-end investment fund. The company provides privileged and differentiated access to high conviction private market opportunities with an emphasis on mid to late-stage venture, following a research-intensive diligence process. The evergreen structure and full life-cycle investment capability enable flexible hold periods and the ability to compound winning investments appropriately through private and into public equity ownership.

The move from the Specialist Fund Segment to the Premium Segment takes place just under two years since RTW Venture Fund was first listed on London Stock Exchange in October 2019. Since its launch, the fund grew to US$397M with NAV growth of 83% and share price return of 97% as of end of Q2 2021. RTW Venture Fund launched with six portfolio companies and has since deployed capital into additional twenty-eight biotech and medtech portfolio companies.

RTW believes the Premium Segment of the Main Market is the most appropriate platform for the continued growth of the company by increasing RTW Venture Fund’s profile, broadening its register, adding sterling denomination, and facilitating the company's eligibility for inclusion in the FTSE UK Index Series.

Roderick Wong, MD, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at RTW, said: “We are thrilled to be listing RTW Venture Fund on the Premium Listing of London Stock Exchange. This is an exciting opportunity for our team to grow our work identifying transformative companies across life sciences, biopharmaceuticals and medical technology that have the potential to transform patients’ lives. Medical innovation has never looked as dynamic and exciting as it does today, and we look forward to supporting a growing number of world-class scientists and entrepreneurs."

Stephanie Sirota, Director at RTW Venture Fund and Chief Business Officer at RTW, said: “Our decision to list RTW Venture Fund as a closed-end fund was a unique approach for biotech venture capital and in just under two years the company has demonstrated tremendous growth. We look forward to continuing advancing our presence in the UK and are honoured to bring access to private markets and bespoke negotiated opportunities to an even broader investor base now being listed on the Premium Segment of the Main Market.”

Quick facts

Market: Main Market
Instrument market cap (£m)
Listing/Admission to trading
06 Aug 2021
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