London Stock Exchange welcomes Leverage Shares for the launch of the first-of-its-kind Stock Tracker ETPs

Leverage Shares, the pioneer of short and leveraged ETPs on single stocks, has launched first-of-its-kind Stock Tracker ETPs (the “Stock Trackers”). These trade in local currency and track individual stocks like Tesla, Coinbase and the FAANGs. This takes their range to 105 ETPs on London Stock Exchange’s Main Market.

Stock Trackers are revolutionary in their simplicity and value-added propositions for investors. They offer 1-to-1 exposure to popular US stocks Listed at just $5 a share 

•    Each ETP is 100% physically backed 
•    Available in GBP, USD and EUR 
•    Listed on London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam and Paris 
•    ISA/SIPP eligible 
•    Management fee of just 0.15%

Leverage Shares is also expanding its short and leveraged ETP offering by listing 3x leveraged version of names already in its stable, like Twitter and Alibaba, thereby offering more trading tools to investors and solidifying its leading position in this field.

Raj Sheth, Sales Director at Leverage Shares commented: 
‘’Put simply, as a UK investor I can buy my favourite stocks like Amazon, which trades at $3500 in multiples of £5 from my UK broker account and know that I’m tracking it on a 1-1 basis. The dividends get reinvested and my tax reporting is made simpler. In fact, I can hold the Stock Trackers in an ISA or SIPP with their tax advantages for the long term. I will not pay extra to my broker for forex conversion and can trade them like a normal UK listed stock during UK market times. All this for a low fee of 0.15% per annum.’’ 

Lida Eslami, Head of Business Development, ETP and IOB, London Stock Exchange, said: 
“We are delighted to welcome Leverage Shares back to London Stock Exchange with the listing of their Stock Tracker ETPs, a first for the market, and new 3x leveraged ETPs, all tracking single US stocks. London continues to support innovation and choice in the ETP market, offering institutional and retail investors exposure to a wide range of products to suit their evolving investment strategies.”

LS 1x Tesla Tracker ETP XS2337093798  1TSL     TSLA     TSL1
LS 1x Amazon Tracker ETP XS2337104231     1AMZ     AMZN     AMZ1
LS 1x Microsoft Tracker ETP XS2337100320     1MSF     MSFT     MSF1
LS 1x Alphabet Tracker ETP XS2337100163     1GOO     GOOG     GOO1
LS 1x Facebook Tracker ETP XS2337100080     1FB     FB1X     FB1
LS 1x Apple Tracker ETP XS2337099563     1AAP     AAPL     AAP1
LS 1x Netflix Tracker ETP XS2337098839     1NFL     NFLX     NFL1
LS 1x Shopify Tracker ETP XS2337094259     1SHO     SHFY     SHP1
LS 1x Coinbase Tracker ETP XS2338070282     1COI     COIB     COI1
LS 1x Airbnb Tracker ETP XS2337098086     1ABN     ABNB     ABN1
LS 1x Baidu Tracker ETP XS2337097518  1BID     BIDU     BID1
LS 1x Tracker ETP XS2337100676     1JD     JD1X     JDX1
LS 1x NIO Tracker ETP XS2337093871     1NIO     NIO     NIO1
LS 1x Palantir Tracker ETP XS2337092980     1PLT     PLTR     PLT1
LS 1x Pinduoduo Tracker ETP XS2337092980     1PDD     PDD     PDD1
LS 1x Plug Power Tracker ETP XS2337100759     1PLU     PLUG     PLU1
LS 1x Sea Tracker ETP XS2337094093     1SE     SE1X     SE1
Leverage Shares 3x AMD ETP Securities XS2337090422  AMD3     3AMD     3ADE
Leverage Shares 3x Twitter ETP Securities XS2337090778  TWT3     3TWT     3TWE
Leverage Shares 3x Alibaba ETP Securities XS2337090851  BAB3     3BAB     3BBE
Leverage Shares 3x UBER ETP Securities XS2337092550  UBR3     3UBR     3UBE


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