London Stock Exchange welcomes to the Main Market, which operates the Super App, Kazakhstan’s most popular mobile app and the gateway to its market leading Payments, Marketplace and Fintech platforms, today celebrates its admission to the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market through trading on the International Order Book.  The company, trading under the ticker symbol KSPI.LI, achieved a market capitalisation of $6.5 billion on its first day of conditional trading through a dual listing on London Stock Exchange and Astana International Exchange.  

Mikheil Lomtadze, Chairman of the Management Board and co-founder of said: 

“The listing on London Stock Exchange and Astana International Exchange represents a major milestone for and Kazakhstan. has always been at the forefront of Kazakhstan’s digitalisation and as we begin the next phase of our growth as a public company we remain as committed as we ever have been developing innovative mobile services that improve people's day-to-day lives. 

Our successful IPO is not only a strong validation of our future growth prospects but will allow some of the world's largest investors to join with us as we continue to play a leading role in Kazakhstan's rapidly evolving digital transformation. With the Super App, the country's most popular mobile app and the foundation for everything we do, we remain uniquely positioned to capitalise on the vast opportunities that Kazakhstan and its surrounding region has to offer, bringing ever more value to our consumers, merchants and shareholders."

Ayuna Nechaeva, Head of Europe, Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange said: 

‘We are delighted to welcome to the Main Market of London Stock Exchange. is the largest London listing by a company from Kazakhstan since 2007 and is the largest international technology-focused IPO in London this year to date. We congratulate the company on joining the London market, offering deep pools of liquid capital and a diverse international institutional investor base.’

About is the largest Payments, Marketplace and Fintech Ecosystem in Kazakhstan with a leading market share in each of its key services and products. At the core of the Ecosystem is the Super App, the leading mobile app in the country with 7.8 million Monthly Active Users (“MAU”). 

The Super App serves as a single gateway to all of the Company’s services and is an integral part of people’s daily lives in Kazakhstan. As people’s lives become increasingly digitalised expects the usage of its Super App to grow, with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating consumer adoption of cashless payments, e-Commerce and digital financial services. is built around an ecosystem business model, where the growth and development of one service contributes to the growth and development of other services, creating a powerful virtuous cycle.  A growing number of services being used by the Company’s consumers results in synergies across all of its Platforms, structurally high profitability and creates a powerful self-reinforcing network effect, giving the Company strong competitive advantages.  

The Ecosystem currently comprises the following three market leading Platforms:

•    Payments Platform connects customers, which consist of both consumers and merchants, to facilitate cashless, digital payment transactions. The Company offers its customers a technology platform to both pay and receive payments for goods and services, as well as to transfer and withdraw money.  Consumers can transact with merchants and amongst themselves using a variety of services, including the Super App, a Kaspi Gold pre-paid debit card and/or any bank card or e-Wallet.

In June 2020,’s proprietary payment network transactions accounted for 66% of total payment network transactions in Kazakhstan, while other payment networks, including Visa and Mastercard, had an aggregate share of 34% of the total payment network transactions in the country. 

•    Marketplace Platform connects merchants and consumers, enabling merchants to increase their sales and enabling consumers to buy a broad selection of products and services from a variety of online and offline merchants.  The Company helps merchants increase their sales by linking them to its technology, payment options, including buy-now-pay-later consumer finance products, fulfilment, marketing and branding services. was the largest online retailer in Kazakhstan by sales value in 2019, with an e-Commerce gross merchandise value (“GMV”)  share corresponding to 46%  of the market.  The Marketplace Platform’s total GMV had a value share of total Kazakhstan retail trade of 5.5%  in 2019.

•    Fintech Platform enables consumers to access, primarily through Super App, the Company’s digital finance products, including consumer finance and deposits.’s buy-now-pay-later consumer finance products are also strategically integrated with its Marketplace Platform, which means that consumers are able to make a purchase seamlessly with financing and then pay over time in monthly instalments. 

In 2019 the Company enjoyed the largest market share of Consumer Loans in Kazakhstan, amounting to 32%. 

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Quick facts

Market: Main Market
Instrument market cap (£m)
Listing/Admission to trading
15 Oct 2020
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