London Stock Exchange Welcomes ATOME Energy to AIM

London Stock Exchange welcomes ATOME Energy, the green hydrogen and ammonia production company focused on its projects in Paraguay and Iceland, to the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) under the ticker “ATOM” after it raised gross proceeds of £9 million.

With its founding projects established in Iceland and Paraguay, ATOME will use the funds raised at listing to progress memoranda of understanding (“MOUs”) with power, land and water suppliers into definitive power purchase agreements, resulting in final investment decisions for each of its projects with the objective to be delivered during 2022. The locations of ATOME’s projects were strategically selected for their surplus of stable baseload green energy and significant established domestic-end markets with export potential in EU and Mercosur countries.

ATOME’s admission to AIM positions the company as the first pure play green hydrogen and ammonia producers in the London market. Hydrogen and ammonia are cornerstones in global decarbonisation efforts due to their potential to drastically reduce the emissions of industries such as marine, agriculture and heavy goods transportation. With public and political will shifting towards a carbon-neutral economy, the London Stock Exchange is growing its leadership in the green sector through companies like ATOME.

ATOME will capitalise on the recent key advancements in electrolyser technology, improving efficiencies and reduction in costs. Coupled with rising gas prices, producing hydrogen from renewable energy has quickly become commercially viable. To optimise its assets, ATOME will be technologically agnostic and will apply a scalable, modular approach to construction.

In Iceland, ATOME will act as a “green accelerator” for its subsidiary, Green Fuel, enabling it to reach first hydrogen and ammonia production by leveraging its expertise and direct funding. The installed geothermal power capacity is expected to reach 100 megawatts (“MW”) by 2030. In Paraguay, ATOME will use up to 250 MW of power from Itaipu, the second largest hydroelectric dam in the world, to produce green hydrogen and ammonia. ATOME will also actively develop the downstream market by engaging with shipping, trucking and commodity trading companies.

Olivier Mussat, CEO of ATOME Energy, commented,

“As the first dedicated green hydrogen and ammonia production company listed on the London Market, today marks an important milestone not only for ATOME but also for the transition to a green economy with green ammonia and hydrogen as the commodities of the future.

“Our projects in Paraguay and Iceland will deliver green energy using mature technology and low-cost baseload power which is available on-tap. Both countries have accessible markets which need green hydrogen and ammonia to reach their net zero targets, and ATOME is positioned to capitalise on this.

“Sustainability is not just about being green. It is also about delivering operationally and commercially on a long-term basis. We have a strong supporting shareholder base including Peter Levine, Trafigura, one of the world’s leading commodity and logistics company and Schroders a leading fund manager. We have built a team whose complementary skills and experience demonstrate that we can deliver these projects on the ground whilst ensuring we remain cost competitive to traditional carbon-based alternatives globally. We have an exciting road ahead and I look forward to updating shareholders on ATOME and the part it will play its part in delivering a true zero carbon economy.”

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