London: Financial Capital of the World

For centuries, London’s resilient markets and institutions have powered the world’s economy.  Through business and economic cycles and amidst times of great change and challenge London Stock Exchange has supported businesses by connecting them with capital.

London’s DNA is international. It has always been a global financial capital. That is as evident now as it has ever been.

Global Trading

London stands in the middle of the world’s trading day. It is open from when the Asian markets close, right through to the opening and trading on the North American markets, overlapping with 27 markets globally. We support global trade with a range of solutions, including our International Order Book which offers investors access to some of the fastest growing markets through London.

Supporting international issuers

Indicative of London’s internationalism, 75% of the revenues generated by companies in the FTSE100 come from outside the UK. Companies operating worldwide that choose London to IPO are supported by an equally international investor base; approximately £8.5trn in assets is managed in London, having tripled since 2009. Currently, over a third of our 2,000+ issuers are international, operating across 100+ countries. Last year, there were over 200 issuers from 47 countries listed on our bond markets and 72 sovereign bonds from 20 countries. 

"There was really no better choice when we looked at where to list. London made sense because of our global footprint and importantly because of its deep understanding of the video game space."

Alex Nichiporchik 
CEO, tinyBuild 

The largest US company to list on AIM 

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Solutions to connect international companies and investors

Shanghai-London Stock Connect

Shanghai-London Stock Connect brings together one of the world’s largest domestic capital markets with the leading international market. It allows global investors to benefit from China‘s growth through London, while London Stock Exchange listed companies can access Chinese investors directly. Discover more. 

International Order Book

Through London’s International Order Book (IOB), European and North American institutions can gain direct access to securities from 44 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Some of the most heavily traded securities on London Stock Exchange are IOB instruments, and the IOB is the largest market for Russian instruments outside of Moscow.

Global Equity Segment

Through London’s Global Equity Segment, retail and institutional investors can trade in US blue chips and US-listed Asian companies securities in a live market during London hours. 

Recent listings from international issuers

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