THG £1.88bn tech IPO comes to London

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Manchester-based THG has become a global player in ecommerce and one of the UK’s biggest digital success stories. Now its founder Matt Moulding has taken his company public in a £1.88bn IPO.

For UK and European tech company founders, it’s a watershed moment. It shows that:

  • Tech companies don’t need to list outside of Europe to achieve multi-billion valuations
  • Tech company founders can stay in control as they continue their scaling strategies as public companies
  • There is a phenomenal level of demand for high-growth technology companies in London
The founder’s story

Why THG founder Matthew Moulding decided that this was the year to go public and why he chose London

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The investor story

Why one early-stage investor in THG believes this IPO to be important for London and European tech

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Routes to market

Here’s why THG chose to use the standard segment of the main market

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