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Glossary: S



























S&P 500

Standard & Poor’s Composite Index – an index comprising shares of 500 US companies reflecting the general trend in the US stock market.



Auction Execution


Scheme of Arrangement

A non-optional event proposed by a company on its share capital.


Scrip dividend

An issue of shares available to shareholders that replaces a dividend payment. Shareholders have the option to forgo their dividend for the share alternative.


Scrip issue

The issue by a company of new shares which do not require any payment to be made by the shareholder. This has the effect of making the company's shares more marketable because of the increased number available and the lower market price. A Scrip Issue is



The Stock Exchange Automated Quotations system. SEAQ is a continuously updated electronic notice board containing price quotations of UK securities. Market makers use the system to display the prices at which they are prepared to buy or sell shares of a p


SEAQ Crosses

SEAQ Crosses supplements SEAQ (market maker quote-driven system) by providing an alternative order-driven execution mechanism.
SEAQ International  The Stock Exchange Automated Quotations system for international equities.


SEAQ Trade

This is used for the single uncrossing trade, detailing the total executed volume and uncrossing price as a result og a SEAQ auction.


Secondary market

Marketplace for trading in securities.



General name for stocks and shares of all types.


Securities Management

The Exchange’s department responsible for dealing with applications for admission to trading.


Securities Masterfile (SMF)

SMF provides up-to-date information on securities traded on UK and International markets.


Securities trading

Investment banks offer securities trading by maintaining broker-dealer operations. Many investment banks also provide market making for securities.


Security Suspended

This security has been suspended fromtrading by the Exchange.



Stock Exchange Daily Official List code, a 7 digit alphanumeric reference for a listed security.


Sell note

Published by a brokerage/research firm, a sell note is a report that recommends the selling of a particular stock. On the other hand, a ‘buy note’ recommends the buying of a particular stock.



Special End of ODRH


Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

An independent government department that investigates and prosecutes serious fraud.



Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service (SETS), an order-driven trading service.


SETS participant

A partnership, corporation, legal entity or sole practitioner approved by the Exchange to trade in order book securities only.



The process of transferring stock from seller to buyer and arranging the corresponding movement of money between the two parties.


SFA (Securities and Futures Authority)

Now included within the FCA, the Securities and Futures Authority (SFA) was the Self Regulating Organisation responsible for regulating the conduct of brokers and dealers in securities, options and futures - including most member firms of the Exchange.



SETS Fast Index Expiry



The authorised share capital of a company is divided into a number of equal parts. Each part is called a share. See Ordinary shares, Preference shares, Securities.


Shares in public hands

A company seeking admission to the Official List must have at least 25% of its shares in public hands where they are held by a director of the company or its subsidiaries, individuals connected with the directors and any person holding 5% or more of the s



A short position is when someone sells a warrant or the underlying asset. Contrasts with Long position.



Special End of IMQP


Single Protected Trade

the trade was reported as a result of a single protected transaction.



Special End of MQP



Special End Order Book Trading


Sole trader

The sole promoter has unlimited liability. In other words, the sole promoter is fully liable for the debts of the business.


Specialist securities

Securities, which, because of their nature, are normally bought and traded by a limited number of investors who are particularly knowledgeable in investment matters.



The process of selecting a high-risk investment to profit from an anticipated price movement.



A company’s adviser who is approved by the UKLA. The role of a sponsor is to ensure that the company is suitable for listing.



Start of Pre Trading Period



Start of Pre Trading Period



Start of Pre Trading period



Mandatory Quote period with Auction Call



Segment Suspended



A stabilisation may occur after a new issue in accordance with FCA rules. It will entail the stabiliing manager buying shares in the market to counter selling pressure in the initial market.  This stabilisation period must be fully disclosed by way of a daily notice and last for a maximum of 30 days.


Stamp duty

A government tax levied on share dealing.





Stock Situation Notices (SSNs)

Stock Situation Notices which contain extensive details of a corporate action.



A securities firm which provides advice and dealing services to the public and which can deal on its own account.



The warrant holder receives the underlying if the warrant can be exercised profitably at expiry.


Strike price - covered warrant

The price at which the investor may buy or sell the underlying during (if American style) or at the end (if European style) of the expiry period. Also referred to as 'expiry price' and 'exercise price'. It is known when the warrant is issued.



When a company increases the number of shares it has in circulation by subdividing its share capital e.g. shareholders would receive 2, 25p shares for every 1, 50p share held.



Security Suspended 1



Security Suspended


Suspension of trading

Any cessation of trading imposed by the Exchange, including a trading halt.



Complex derivative products which are cash settled.



Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. International body which sets protocols and standards for international payment systems, such as electronic money transfers.



In a public offer, usually, a syndicate of investment banks is formed to underwrite the issue. Each member of the syndicate is assigned a certain amount of liability and (number or quota of) shares to sell.



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