Companies on AIM - 20-Jun-2018 13:39:14 Code,Company,Sector,Region,Admission,Nominated Adviser,Brokers,Company Description WINK,M WINKWORTH,Real Estate Investment & Services,London,12/11/2009,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,M WINKWORTH PLC ORD 0.5P SAA,M&C SAATCHI,Media,London,14/07/2004,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited,M&C SAATCHI PLC ORD 1P MPE,M.P. EVANS,Food Producers,South East,28/10/2002,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited;finnCap Ltd,M. P. EVANS GROUP PLC ORD 10P MNO,MAESTRANO GROU.,Software & Computer Services,,30/05/2018,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Arden Partners plc,MAESTRANO GROUP PLC ORD 1P MAGP,MAGNOLIA PET,Oil & Gas Producers,London,25/11/2011,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Cornhill Capital Limited,MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM PLC ORD SHS 0.1P MAI,MAINTEL HLDGS,Support Services,London,28/04/2016,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,MAINTEL HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P MAIS,MAISTRO,Software & Computer Services,London,05/10/2012,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MAISTRO PLC ORD 1P WINE,MAJESTIC WINE,General Retailers,London,11/11/1996,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc;Liberum Capital Limited,MAJESTIC WINE PLC ORD 7.5P MLVN,MALVERN INT PLC,Support Services,,10/12/2004,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,MALVERN INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 1P MRS,MANAGEMENT RES,Support Services,South East,01/02/2016,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited;Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,MANAGEMENT RESOURCE SOLUTIONS PLC ORD EUR0.01 MFX,MANX FINANCIAL,Financial Services,North West,30/01/2008,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Beaumont Cornish,MANX FINANCIAL GROUP PLC ORD NPV MANX,MANX TELECOM,Fixed Line Telecommunications,North West,10/02/2014,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,MANX TELECOM PLC ORD 0.2P MAC,MARECHALE CAP.,Financial Services,London,03/03/2008,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Strand Hanson Limited,MARECHALE CAPITAL PLC ORD 0.8P MRL,MARLOWE,Support Services,,31/03/2016,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,MARLOWE PLC ORD 50P MMH,MARSHALL MOTOR,General Retailers,South East,02/04/2015,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,MARSHALL MOTOR HOLDINGS PLC ORD 64P MTW,MATTIOLI,Financial Services,Midlands,23/11/2005,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,MATTIOLI WOODS PLC ORD 1P MXCT,MAXCYTE (DI),Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,,29/03/2016,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,MAXCYTE INC COM STK USD0.01 (DI) MXCR,MAXCYTE (DI/S),Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,,29/03/2016,,,MAXCYTE INC COM STK USD0.01 (DI/REG S) MYN,MAYAN,Oil & Gas Producers,,14/01/2013,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Cornhill Capital Limited,MAYAN ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) MUBL,MBL GROUP,Media,North West,07/10/2004,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,SI Capital Ltd,MBL GROUP PLC ORD 7.5P MCM,MC MINING,Mining,,16/12/2005,,,MC MINING LD ORD NPV MED,MEDAPHOR GRP,Health Care Equipment & Services,Wales,27/08/2014,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,MEDAPHOR GROUP PLC ORD 1P MDZ,MEDIAZEST,Media,London,22/02/2005,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Hybridan LLP,MEDIAZEST PLC ORD 0.1P MPL,MERCANTILE PORT,Industrial Transportation,,07/10/2010,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,MERCANTILE PORTS & LOGISTICS LTD ORD NPV MERC,MERCIA TECH,Financial Services,,18/12/2014,Cenkos Securities Plc,Canaccord Genuity Limited;Cenkos Securities Plc,MERCIA TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 0.001P MPH,MEREO BIOPH,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,,09/06/2016,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe;RBC Europe Limited,MEREO BIOPHARMA GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.003 MTR,METAL TIGER,Financial Services,London,31/05/2001,RFC Ambrian Group Limited (through its authorised subsidiaries) trading as RFC Ambrian Limited,SI Capital Ltd;VSA Capital Limited;RFC Ambrian Limited,METAL TIGER PLC ORD 0.01P MTL,METALS EXPLORE,Mining,,22/10/2004,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,METALS EXPLORATION PLC ORD 1P MNC,METMINCO,Mining,,01/04/2010,RFC Ambrian Group Limited (through its authorised subsidiaries) trading as RFC Ambrian Limited,RFC Ambrian Limited;Stockdale Securities Limited,METMINCO LD ORD NPV MPAY,MI-PAY GROUP,Support Services,Midlands,07/12/2005,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited,MI-PAY GROUP PLC ORD 10P MBH,MICHELMERSH,Construction & Materials,South East,26/05/2004,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,MICHELMERSH BRICK HLDGS PLC ORD 20P MSYS,MICROSAIC,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,South East,11/04/2011,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MICROSAIC SYSTEMS PLC ORD 0.25P MTPH,MIDATECH PHARMA,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,,08/12/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,MIDATECH PHARMA PLC ORD 0.005P MIDW,MIDWICH GRP,Support Services,East Anglia,06/05/2016,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,MIDWICH GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 MCON,MINCON GRP,Industrial Engineering,,26/11/2013,Davy Corporate Finance,Davy Stockbrokers,MINCON GROUP PLC ORD EUR0.01 MMX,MINDS+MACH,Media,,14/11/2007,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,MINDS + MACHINES GROUP LD ORD NPV (DI) MAFL,MINERAL & FIN,Financial Services,,16/10/2006,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,MINERAL & FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LD ORD 1P (DI) MIN,MINOAN,Travel & Leisure,London,02/05/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,Throgmorton Street Capital (trading name of All IPO Plc),MINOAN GROUP PLC ORD 1P MIRA,MIRADA,Media,London,21/12/2004,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,MIRADA PLC ORD 1P MIRI,MIRRIAD ADVERT.,Media,,19/12/2017,,,MIRRIAD ADVERTISING PLC ORD GBP0.00001 MGR,MITON GRP,Financial Services,South East,07/03/2008,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,MITON GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P MKA,MKANGO RES,Mining,,15/06/2016,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,MKANGO RESOURCES LTD CMN SHS NPV (DI) MOS,MOBILE STREAMS,Mobile Telecommunications,London,15/02/2006,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MOBILE STREAMS PLC ORD 0.2P MBT,MOBILE TORNADO,Mobile Telecommunications,Yorkshire & North East,08/03/2006,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,MOBILE TORNADO GROUP PLC ORD 2P MBO,MOBILITYONE,Support Services,,05/07/2007,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,MOBILITYONE LD ORD 2.5P MWG,MODERN WATER,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,South East,12/06/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,MODERN WATER PLC ORD 0.25P MORE,MONREAL,Alternative Energy,,12/02/2016,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,MONREAL PLC ORD 0.25P MCL,MORSES CLUB,Financial Services,Yorkshire & North East,05/05/2016,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;finnCap Ltd,MORSES CLUB PLC ORD GBP0.01 MAB1,MORTGAGE AD,Financial Services,Midlands,14/11/2014,Zeus Capital Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited;Zeus Capital Limited,MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU (HLDGS) PLC ORD 0.1P MORT,MORTICE,Support Services,,15/05/2008,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,MORTICE LD ORD NPV (DI) MSMN,MOSMAN OIL GAS,Oil & Gas Producers,,20/03/2014,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,MOSMAN OIL AND GAS LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) MTFB,MOTIF BIO,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,,02/04/2015,Peel Hunt LLP,Northland Capital Partners Limited;Peel Hunt Limited,MOTIF BIO PLC ORD 1P MOGP,MOUNTFIELD,Construction & Materials,South East,30/10/2008,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,MOUNTFIELD GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P MPAC,MPAC GROUP PLC,Industrial Engineering,South East,19/06/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,MPAC GROUP PLC ORD 25P MPM,MPORIUM GRP,Software & Computer Services,,18/12/2013,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MPORIUM GROUP PLC ORD 0.5P MSI,MS INTL.,Industrial Engineering,Yorkshire & North East,22/11/2013,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,MS INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 10P MWE,MTI WIRELESS,Technology Hardware & Equipment,,16/03/2006,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited;Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,MTI WIRELESS EDGE LD ORD ILS0.01 MUL,MULBERRY GROUP,Personal Goods,South West,23/05/1996,GCA Altium Limited,Barclays Capital Securities Limited,MULBERRY GROUP PLC ORD 5P MUR,MURGITROYD,Support Services,Scotland,30/11/2001,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MURGITROYD GROUP PLC ORD 10P MXO,MX OIL,Oil & Gas Producers,,16/12/2005,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Cornhill Capital Limited,MX OIL PLC ORD 0.01P MXCP,MXC CAPITAL,Financial Services,London,06/02/2015,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited,MXC CAPITAL LIMITED ORD NPV MIL,MYANMAR,Financial Services,,27/06/2013,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Investec Bank Plc;finnCap Ltd,MYANMAR INV INTERNATIONAL LD ORD NPV MILW,MYANMAR W,,,27/06/2013,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Investec Bank Plc,MYANMAR INV INTERNATIONAL LD WTS TO SUB FOR ORDS MYX,MYCELX DI,Oil Equipment & Services,,04/08/2011,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,MYCELX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION COM SHS USD0.025 (DI) MYSL,MYSALE GROUP,General Retailers,,16/06/2014,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited;Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,MYSALE GROUP PLC ORD NPV MYSQ,MYSQUAR,Software & Computer Services,,01/07/2015,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP;Daniel Stewart & Company plc,MYSQUAR LIMITED ORD NPV (DI)