Companies on AIM - 18-Oct-2017 17:07:14 Code,Company,Sector,Region,Admission,Nominated Adviser,Brokers,Company Description GAL,GALANTAS GOLD,Mining,Northern Ireland,31/03/2006,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Whitman Howard Limited,GALANTAS GOLD CORPORATION COM SHS NPV GLR,GALILEO RESOURC,Mining,London,28/09/2011,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Beaufort Securities Ltd,GALILEO RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P GMAA,GAMA AVIATION,Industrial Transportation,South East,06/01/2015,Jefferies International Limited,Jefferies International Limited,GAMA AVIATION PLC ORD 1P GMR,GAMING REALMS,Travel & Leisure,East Anglia,01/08/2013,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,GAMING REALMS PLC ORD 10P GAMA,GAMMA COMS,Mobile Telecommunications,South East,10/10/2014,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,GAMMA COMMUNICATIONS PLC ORD 0.25P GAN,GAN,Software & Computer Services,,25/11/2013,Davy Corporate Finance,Davy Stockbrokers,GAN PLC ORD 1P GTLY,GATELEY HLDGS,Support Services,Midlands,08/06/2015,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,GATELEY (HOLDINGS) PLC ORD 10P GATC,GATTACA,Support Services,,27/10/2006,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited,GATTACA PLC ORD 1P GBG,GB GROUP,Software & Computer Services,North West,27/08/2010,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,GB GROUP PLC ORD 2.5P GBGI,GBGI,Life Insurance,,22/02/2017,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,GBGI LIMITED ORD USD1.00 GCM,GCM RESOURCES,Mining,London,19/04/2004,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,GCM RESOURCES PLC ORD 10P G4M,GEAR4MUSIC,Leisure Goods,Yorkshire & North East,03/06/2015,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,GEAR4MUSIC (HOLDINGS) PLC ORD 10P GDR,GENEDRIVE,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,North West,04/04/2007,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,GENEDRIVE PLC ORD 1.5P GEO,GEORGIAN MIN.,Mining,,17/12/2010,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP;Shard Capital Partners LLP,GEORGIAN MINING CORP ORD NPV (DI) GETB,GETBUSY,Software & Computer Services,North West,04/08/2017,,,GETBUSY PLC ORD 0.15P GTC,GETECH GRP,Oil Equipment & Services,Yorkshire & North East,23/09/2005,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,GETECH GROUP PLC ORD 0.25P GFIN,GFINITY,Media,,22/12/2014,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,GFINITY PLC ORD 0.1P GLIF,GLI FINANCE,Equity Investment Instruments,,05/08/2005,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,GLI FINANCE LD ORD NPV GINV,GLOBAL INVA,Technology Hardware & Equipment,,02/07/2014,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Mirabaud Securities,GLOBAL INVACOM GROUP LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) GBP,GLOBAL PET.,Oil & Gas Producers,,07/03/2005,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe;FirstEnergy Capital LLP,GLOBAL PETROLEUM LD ORD NPV DATA,GLOBALDATA,Media,,25/06/2009,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,GLOBALDATA PLC ORD 1/14P GWI,GLOBALWORTH,Real Estate Investment & Services,,25/07/2013,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Jefferies International Limited;Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,GLOBALWORTH REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS ORD NPV GLOO,GLOO NETWORKS,Nonequity Investment Instruments,,11/08/2015,Liberum Capital Limited,Numis Securities Limited;Liberum Capital Limited,GLOO NETWORKS PLC ORD GBP0.01 GOAL,GOALS SOCCER,Travel & Leisure,Scotland,07/12/2004,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,GOALS SOCCER CENTRES PLC ORD 0.25P GSR,GOLDEN SAINT,Mining,,19/07/2013,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Beaumont Cornish;SVS Securities plc,GOLDEN SAINT RESOURCES LTD ORD NPV (DI) GDP,GOLDPLAT,Mining,London,26/07/2006,Grant Thornton UK LLP,VSA Capital Limited,GOLDPLAT PLC ORD 1P GRL,GOLDSTONE RES,Mining,,25/03/2004,Strand Hanson Limited,SI Capital Ltd,GOLDSTONE RESOURCES LD ORD 1P GHH,GOOCH & HOUSEGO,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,South West,12/12/1997,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,GOOCH & HOUSEGO PLC ORD 20P GOOD,GOOD ENRG,Electricity,South West,30/07/2012,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,GOOD ENERGY GROUP PLC ORD 5P GOR,GORDON DADDS,Support Services,London,04/08/2017,,,GORDON DADDS GROUP PLC ORD 1P GOT,GOTECH GROUP,Software & Computer Services,London,24/12/2002,Allenby Capital Limited,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,GOTECH GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P GRA,GRAFENIA,Support Services,North West,11/08/2004,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,GRAFENIA PLC ORD 1P GIPO,GRAND GRP,Financial Services,,27/01/2015,ZAI Corporate Finance Ltd will be removed from nomad register at 7am 19 October 2017 see RNS 2473T,ZAI Corporate Finance Ltd will be removed from nomad register at 7am 19 October 2017 see RNS 2473T,GRAND GROUP INVESTMENT PLC ORD 0.00004 (DI) GRPH,GRAPHENE NANO,Alternative Energy,London,24/11/2006,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,GRAPHENE NANOCHEM PLC ORD 1P GWMO,GREAT WESTERN,Mining,,18/08/2011,Davy Corporate Finance,Beaufort Securities Ltd;Davy Stockbrokers,GREAT WESTERN MINING CORP. PLC ORD EUR0.0001 GGP,GREATLAND,Mining,London,03/07/2006,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,SI Capital Ltd,GREATLAND GOLD PLC ORD 0.1P GSH,GREEN&SMART,Electricity,,12/05/2016,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,GREEN & SMART HOLDINGS PLC ORD NPV GRP,GREENCOAT RENE.,Equity Investment Instruments,,25/07/2017,,,GREENCOAT RENEWABLES PLC ORD EUR0.01 GDL,GREKA (DI),Oil Equipment & Services,,08/03/2011,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,GREKA DRILLING ORD USD0.00001 (DI) GHS,GRESHAM HOUSE,Equity Investment Instruments,London,28/10/1999,finnCap Ltd,Liberum Capital Limited;finnCap Ltd,GRESHAM HOUSE STRATEGIC PLC ORD 50P GHE,GRESHAM HSE.,Equity Investment Instruments,London,14/07/1950,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,GRESHAM HOUSE PLC ORD 25P GHEW,GRESHAM HSE. WT,,,01/12/2014,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,GRESHAM HOUSE PLC WTS TO SUB FOR ORDS GFM,GRIFFIN MINING,Mining,London,30/06/1997,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,GRIFFIN MINING LD ORD $0.01 GPX,GULFSANDS,Oil & Gas Producers,London,08/04/2005,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe;FirstEnergy Capital LLP,GULFSANDS PETROLEUM PLC ORD 1P GUN,GUNSYND,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Yorkshire & North East,23/03/2006,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited;Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,GUNSYND PLC ORD 0.01P GUS,GUSBOURNE,Beverages,South East,07/05/2008,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,GUSBOURNE PLC ORD 1P GYG,GYG PLC,Industrial Transportation,,05/07/2017,,,GYG PLC ORD GBP0.002