Companies on AIM - 17-Oct-2017 11:52:05 Code,Company,Sector,Region,Admission,Nominated Adviser,Brokers,Company Description C4XD,C4X DISCRY HDGS,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,North West,23/10/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,C4X DISCOVERY HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P CAB,CABOT ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,,22/12/1995,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited;FirstEnergy Capital LLP,CABOT ENERGY PLC ORD 1P KDNC,CADENCE MINERAL,Mining,London,31/03/2006,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited;XCAP Securities PLC,CADENCE MINERALS PLC ORD 0.01P CMCL,CALEDONIA MIN,Mining,,27/06/2005,,,CALEDONIA MINING CORP PLC COM SHS NPV (DI) CNN,CALEDONIAN TST.,Real Estate Investment & Services,Scotland,29/09/1995,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CALEDONIAN TRUST PLC ORD 20P TREE,CAMBIUM GLOBAL,Forestry & Paper,,06/03/2007,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,CAMBIUM GLOBAL TIMBERLAND LD ORD NPV CMB,CAMBRIA AFRICA,Equity Investment Instruments,London,11/12/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CAMBRIA AFRICA PLC ORD 0.01P CAMB,CAMBRIA AUTO,General Retailers,South West,01/04/2010,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Zeus Capital Limited;Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,CAMBRIA AUTOMOBILES PLC ORD 10P COG,CAMBRIDGE COG,Health Care Equipment & Services,,18/04/2013,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited,CAMBRIDGE COGNITION HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P CAM,CAMELLIA,Food Producers,South East,19/09/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,CAMELLIA PLC ORD 10P CNMI,CAMPER & NIC.,Real Estate Investment & Services,,29/01/2007,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,CAMPER & NICHOLSONS MARINA INV LD ORD NPV CPX,CAP-XX,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,,20/04/2006,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CAP-XX LD ORD NPV CTH,CARETECH HLDG,Health Care Equipment & Services,South East,12/10/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;W.H. Ireland Limited,CARETECH HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.5P CASP,CASPIAN SUNRISE,Oil & Gas Producers,London,03/03/2008,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CASPIAN SUNRISE PLC ORD 1P CTP,CASTLETON,Software & Computer Services,South East,22/05/2006,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,CASTLETON TECHNOLOGY PLC ORD 2P CMX,CATALYST MEDIA,Media,London,02/09/2005,Strand Hanson Limited,Strand Hanson Limited,CATALYST MEDIA GROUP PLC ORD 10P CLTV,CELLCAST,Media,London,21/09/2005,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CELLCAST PLC ORD 1P CLL,CELLO GROUP,Media,London,09/11/2004,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,CELLO GROUP PLC ORD 10P CCP,CELTIC,Travel & Leisure,Scotland,22/12/2005,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,CELTIC PLC ORD 1P CCPA,CELTIC 6% CVPF.,,Scotland,22/12/2005,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,CELTIC PLC 6% CNV CUM PRF 60P CCPC,CELTIC CNV PFD,,Scotland,22/12/2005,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,CELTIC PLC CNV PFD ORD 100P CNKS,CENKOS SEC,Financial Services,London,31/10/2006,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,CENKOS SECURITIES PLC ORD 1P CAML,CENTRAL ASIA,Mining,,30/09/2010,Peel Hunt LLP,Mirabaud Securities;Peel Hunt Limited,CENTRAL ASIA METALS PLC ORD USD0.01 CRND,CENTRAL RAND,Mining,,08/11/2007,ZAI Corporate Finance Ltd will be removed from nomad register at 7am 19 October 2017 see RNS 2473T,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,CENTRAL RAND GOLD LIMITED ORD 1P CNIC,CENTRALNIC,Software & Computer Services,London,02/09/2013,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited;Peel Hunt Limited,CENTRALNIC GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P CEPS,CEPS,Support Services,South West,13/02/2007,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,CEPS PLC ORD 10P CWR,CERES POWER,Alternative Energy,South East,25/11/2004,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited,CERES POWER HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P CER,CERILLION,Software & Computer Services,,18/03/2016,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,CERILLION PLC ORD 0.5P CGH,CHAARAT GOLD,Mining,,08/11/2007,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited,CHAARAT GOLD HOLDINGS LD ORD USD0.01 (DI) CMH,CHAMBERLIN,Industrial Engineering,Midlands,23/11/2006,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,CHAMBERLIN PLC ORD 25P CCT,CHARACTER GRP.,Leisure Goods,London,30/12/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;Allenby Capital Limited,CHARACTER GROUP PLC ORD 5P CHAR,CHARIOT OIL,Oil & Gas Producers,,19/05/2008,finnCap Ltd,Peel Hunt Limited;finnCap Ltd,CHARIOT OIL & GAS LD ORD 1P CNEL,CHINA NEW,Alternative Energy,,23/05/2011,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Daniel Stewart & Company plc,CHINA NEW ENERGY LIMITED ORD 0.025P CNG,CHINA NONFERR,Mining,,02/12/2004,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,CHINA NONFERROUS GOLD LD ORD USD0.0001 (DI) CTG,CHRISTIE GRP.,Support Services,London,10/11/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,CHRISTIE GROUP PLC ORD 2P CHH,CHURCHILL CHINA,Household Goods & Home Construction,Midlands,22/04/2003,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,CHURCHILL CHINA PLC ORD 10P CRC,CIRCLE PROP,Real Estate Investment & Services,,16/02/2016,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,CIRCLE PROPERTY PLC ORD NPV CIN,CITY LON.GRP,Financial Services,London,01/08/1996,,,CITY OF LONDON GROUP PLC ORD 2P CITY,CITYFIBRE,Fixed Line Telecommunications,London,14/01/2016,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Liberum Capital Limited,CITYFIBRE INFRASTRUCTURE HLDGS PLC ORD 1P CLP,CLEAR LEISURE,Financial Services,London,07/04/2000,ZAI Corporate Finance Ltd will be removed from nomad register at 7am 19 October 2017 see RNS 2473T,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,CLEAR LEISURE PLC ORD 0.25P CLSU,CLEARSTAR DI,,,11/07/2014,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,CLEARSTAR INC. ORD USD0.0001 (DI) CLIN,CLINIGEN,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Midlands,25/09/2012,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited;RBC Europe Limited,CLINIGEN GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P CLON,CLONTARF,Oil & Gas Producers,,30/06/2005,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited;,CLONTARF ENERGY PLC ORD 0.25P CBUY,CLOUDBUY,Software & Computer Services,South East,14/12/2005,Arden Partners plc,Arden Partners plc,CLOUDBUY PLC ORD 1P CALL,CLOUDCALL GRP,Software & Computer Services,London,22/08/2006,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc;Arden Partners plc,CLOUDCALL GROUP PLC ORD 20P CLNR,CLUFF NATURAL,Financial Services,,11/05/2012,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CLUFF NATURAL RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.5P CZA,COAL OF AFRICA,Mining,,16/12/2005,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,COAL OF AFRICA LIMITED ORD NPV CGP,COGENPOWER,Alternative Energy,,12/02/2016,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,COGENPOWER PLC ORD 0.25P CHRT,COHORT,Aerospace & Defense,South East,08/03/2006,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,COHORT PLC ORD 10P CFX,COLEFAX GRP.,Household Goods & Home Construction,London,19/08/2004,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,COLEFAX GROUP PLC ORD 10P COS,COLLAGEN SOL,Health Care Equipment & Services,London,10/12/2014,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,COLLAGEN SOLUTIONS PLC ORD 1P CERP,COLUMBUS ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,London,16/11/2007,Beaumont Cornish Limited,FirstEnergy Capital LLP,COLUMBUS ENERGY RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.05P COM,COMPTOIR GRP,Travel & Leisure,,21/06/2016,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,COMPTOIR GROUP PLC ORD 1P CPT,CONCEPTA,Health Care Equipment & Services,South East,26/07/2016,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,Beaufort Securities Ltd,CONCEPTA PLC ORD 2.5P CHA,CONCHA,Personal Goods,London,23/09/2005,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited;Zeus Capital Limited,CONCHA PLC ORD 0.1P CNC,CONCUR.TECH,Technology Hardware & Equipment,South East,04/07/1996,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,CONCURRENT TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 1P CNR,CONDOR GLD,Mining,London,31/05/2006,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Numis Securities Limited,CONDOR GOLD PLC ORD 20P CON,CONNEMARA,Mining,,31/07/2007,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited;Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited,CONNEMARA MINING COMPANY PLC ORD EUR0.01 CGNR,CONROY GLD&NRES,Mining,,30/05/2000,Allenby Capital Limited,Hybridan LLP,CONROY GOLD & NATURAL RESOURCES PLC ORD EUR0.001 CVR,CONVIVIALITY,Food & Drug Retailers,North West,31/07/2013,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,CONVIVIALITY PLC ORD 0.02P CIC,CONYGAR INV,Real Estate Investment & Services,London,27/08/2009,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,CONYGAR INVESTMENT COMPANY PLC ORD 5P CORA,CORA GOLD,Mining,,09/10/2017,,,CORA GOLD LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) CRU,CORAL PRODUCTS,General Industrials,North West,06/09/2011,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Daniel Stewart & Company plc,CORAL PRODUCTS PLC ORD 1P CNS,CORERO NETWORK,Software & Computer Services,London,09/10/2000,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,CORERO NETWORK SECURITY PLC ORD 1P COR,CORETX HLDGS,Software & Computer Services,Scotland,21/01/2016,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,CORETX HOLDINGS PLC ORD 2.5P CPS,CPL RESOURCES,Support Services,,29/06/1999,Davy Corporate Finance,Davy Stockbrokers,CPL RESOURCES PLC EUR0.10 CPP,CPPGROUP,Support Services,Yorkshire & North East,11/02/2015,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,CPPGROUP PLC ORD 1P CRW,CRANEWARE,Software & Computer Services,Scotland,13/09/2007,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,CRANEWARE PLC ORD 1P CRV,CRAVEN HSE CAP,Financial Services,London,04/08/2004,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,SI Capital Ltd,CRAVEN HOUSE CAPITAL PLC ORD USD1.00 CRAW,CRAWSHAW,Food & Drug Retailers,Yorkshire & North East,11/04/2008,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,CRAWSHAW GROUP PLC ORD 5P CIHL,CRBN INV HLDGS,Banks,,02/06/1999,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,CARIBBEAN INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LTD ORD NPV CREO,CREO MEDICAL,Health Care Equipment & Services,,09/12/2016,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,CREO MEDICAL GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.001 TIDE,CRIMSON TIDE,Software & Computer Services,South East,22/08/2006,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CRIMSON TIDE PLC ORD 0.1P CSSG,CROMA SECURITY,Support Services,South East,16/04/2004,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CROMA SECURITY SOLUTIONS GROUP PLC ORD 5P CRON,CRONIN,Chemicals,South East,31/12/2007,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,CRONIN GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P CRPR,CROPPER (J),Forestry & Paper,North West,31/08/2007,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,CROPPER(JAMES) PLC ORD 25P CROS,CROSSRIDER,Software & Computer Services,,30/09/2014,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,CROSSRIDER PLC ORD USD0.0001 CRS,CRYSTAL AMBER,Equity Investment Instruments,,17/06/2008,Allenby Capital Limited,Winterflood Securities Ltd,CRYSTAL AMBER FUND LD ORD 1P CSFG,CSF GROUP,Software & Computer Services,,22/03/2010,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CSF GROUP PLC ORD 10P CBP,CURTIS BKS,Financial Services,,07/05/2015,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,CURTIS BANKS GROUP PLC ORD 0.5P CVSG,CVS GROUP,General Retailers,East Anglia,10/10/2007,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,CVS GROUP PLC ORD 0.2P CYAN,CYANCONNODE,Technology Hardware & Equipment,East Anglia,07/12/2005,,,CYANCONNODE HOLDINGS PLC ORD 2P