Companies on AIM - 18-Jun-2018 20:29:20 Code,Company,Sector,Region,Admission,Nominated Adviser,Brokers,Company Description OPM,1PM,Financial Services,South West,02/08/2006,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,1PM PLC ORD 10P SPA,1SPATIAL,Support Services,London,02/02/2009,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,1SPATIAL PLC ORD 1P C21,21ST CENT TECH,Support Services,London,15/04/2005,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,21ST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY PLC ORD 6.5P DDDD,4D PHARMA PLC,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,North West,18/02/2014,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited,4D PHARMA PLC ORD 0.25P SIXH,600 GRP.,Industrial Engineering,Yorkshire & North East,14/07/2011,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,finnCap Ltd,600 GROUP PLC ORD 1P 7DIG,7DIGITAL,General Retailers,London,10/06/2014,Arden Partners plc,Arden Partners plc,7DIGITAL GROUP PLC ORD 1P 88E,88 ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,,03/02/2012,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,88 ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) ABDP,AB DYNAMICS,Industrial Engineering,,22/05/2013,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,AB DYNAMICS PLC ORD 1P ABBY,ABBEY,Household Goods & Home Construction,South East,16/11/2004,Davy Corporate Finance,Davy Stockbrokers,ABBEY PLC ORD EUR0.32 ABC,ABCAM,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,East Anglia,03/11/2005,J. P. Morgan Securities Plc,J P Morgan Securities Plc,ABCAM PLC ORD 0.2P AFMC,ABER. FRNT. NPV,Equity Investment Instruments,,15/06/2007,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Numis Securities Limited,ABERDEEN FRONT MKTS INV CO LTD ORD NPV ABZA,ABZENA,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,London,10/07/2014,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited;Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,ABZENA PLC ORD GBP0.002 ACC,ACC.INT.,Software & Computer Services,London,28/06/2005,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,ACCESS INTELLIGENCE PLC ORD 0.5P ACSO,ACCESSO TECH,Software & Computer Services,South East,24/04/2002,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited,ACCESSO TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 1P ACRL,ACCROL GP,Household Goods & Home Construction,North West,10/06/2016,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited;Liberum Capital Limited,ACCROL GROUP HOLDINGS PLC ORD GBP0.001 AXS,ACCSYS TECH,Construction & Materials,London,26/10/2005,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited,ACCSYS TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD EUR0.05 ACH,ACHP PLC,Nonlife Insurance,,26/07/2007,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,ACHP PLC ORD 2P AHCG,ACTION HOTELS,Travel & Leisure,,23/12/2013,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,ACTION HOTELS PLC ORD 10P AEG,ACTIVE ENERGY,Alternative Energy,London,06/10/1997,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,ACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC ORD 1P ACT,ACTUAL EXPERIEN,Software & Computer Services,South West,13/02/2014,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,ACTUAL EXPERIENCE PLC ORD 0.2P ADAM,ADAMAS FIN,Financial Services,,19/02/2014,W.H. Ireland Limited,finnCap Ltd,ADAMAS FINANCE ASIA LD ORD NPV (DI) ADA,ADAMS,Real Estate Investment & Services,North West,26/07/2005,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,ADAMS PLC ORD EUR0.01 ADT,ADEPT TELECOM,Fixed Line Telecommunications,South East,15/02/2006,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,ADEPT TELECOM PLC ORD 10P AD4,ADEPT4,Software & Computer Services,North West,15/02/2006,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,ADEPT4 PLC ORD 1P AMS,ADVANCED MED.,Health Care Equipment & Services,North West,30/04/2002,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,ADVANCED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS GRP PLC ORD 5P AVO,ADVANCED ONCO,Health Care Equipment & Services,London,04/08/2006,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited;Stockdale Securities Limited,ADVANCED ONCOTHERAPY PLC ORD 25P AFN,ADVFN,Financial Services,London,20/03/2000,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Throgmorton Street Capital (trading name of All IPO Plc),ADVFN PLC ORD 0.2P AEO,AEOREMA COMM.,Media,London,01/05/2002,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,AEOREMA COMMUNICATIONS PLC ORD 12.5P AFC,AFC ENERGY,Alternative Energy,South East,24/04/2007,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe;MC Peat & Co. LLP,AFC ENERGY PLC ORD 0.1P AFHP,AFH FINANCIAL,Financial Services,,30/06/2014,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,AFH FINANCIAL GROUP PLC ORD 10P ABM,AFRICAN BATTERY,Mining,,09/10/2012,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,AFRICAN BATTERY METALS PLC ORD 0.001P ATM,AFRITIN MINING.,Industrial Metals & Mining,,09/11/2017,W.H. Ireland Limited,Novum Securities Limited;W.H. Ireland Limited,AFRITIN MINING LD ORD NPV AMPH,AGGREGTED MPH,Electricity,London,18/07/2014,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Whitman Howard Limited,AGGREGATED MICRO POWER HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.5P AGTA,AGRITERRA LD,Food Producers,,05/02/2009,,,AGRITERRA LD ORD 10P AIEA,AIREA,Household Goods & Home Construction,Yorkshire & North East,21/12/2005,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,AIREA PLC ORD 25P AKR,AKERS BIO,Health Care Equipment & Services,,22/05/2002,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,AKERS BIOSCIENCES INC COM SHS NPV ALBA,ALBA MIN,Mining,London,04/04/2005,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,,ALBA MINERAL RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P ALB,ALBERT TECH,Software & Computer Services,,11/06/2015,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,ALBERT TECHNOLOGIES LTD ORD NIS0.01 (DI) AXM,ALEXANDER MIN,Mining,London,04/04/2005,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,ALEXANDER MINING PLC ORD 0.1P AAA,ALL ASIA,Financial Services,,02/05/2013,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,ALL ASIA ASSET CAPITAL LD ORD NPV (DI) AGY,ALLERGY THERA.,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,South East,11/10/2004,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,ALLERGY THERAPEUTICS PLC ORD 0.1P APH,ALLIANCE PHARMA,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,South West,17/12/2015,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited;Investec Bank Plc,ALLIANCE PHARMA PLC ORD 1P AFM,ALPHA FIN. MKTS,Support Services,,11/10/2017,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Beaumont Cornish,ALPHA FINANCIAL MARKETS CONSULTING ORD 0.075P AFX,ALPHA FX GROUP.,Financial Services,,07/04/2017,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,ALPHA FX GROUP PLC ORD 0.2P ALT,ALTITUDE,Support Services,North West,07/11/2005,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,ALTITUDE GROUP PLC ORD 0.4P ANR,ALTONA,Mining,London,10/03/2005,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,ALTONA ENERGY PLC ORD 0.01P ALS,ALTUS STRATEGI.,Mining,,10/08/2017,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,ALTUS STRATEGIES PLC ORD 1P AMED,AMEDEO RES,Financial Services,London,25/11/2004,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,AMEDEO RESOURCES PLC ORD 10P AMER,AMERISUR,Oil & Gas Producers,Wales,16/11/2004,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited;Arden Partners plc,AMERISUR RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P AFS,AMIAD WATER,Industrial Engineering,,05/12/2005,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,AMIAD WATER SYSTEMS LD ORD ILS0.5 AMO,AMINO TECH,Technology Hardware & Equipment,East Anglia,09/06/2004,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Liberum Capital Limited,AMINO TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 1P AMP,AMPHION,Financial Services,,23/08/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;Northland Capital Partners Limited,AMPHION INNOVATIONS PLC ORD 1P AMYT,AMRYT PHARMA,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,North West,19/04/2016,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited;Davy Stockbrokers;Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,AMRYT PHARMA PLC ORD 1P AMC,AMUR MINERALS,Mining,,15/03/2006,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,AMUR MINERALS CORPORATION ORD NPV ADL,ANDALAS ENERGY,Alternative Energy,North West,16/05/2016,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Optiva Securities Limited;Novum Securities Limited,ANDALAS ENERGY AND POWER PLC ORD NPV ASY,ANDREWS SYKES,Support Services,Midlands,24/12/2001,GCA Altium Limited,Arden Partners plc,ANDREWS SYKES GROUP PLC ORD 1P AGL,ANGLE,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,South East,17/03/2004,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,ANGLE PLC ORD 10P ANG,ANGLING DIRECT,General Retailers,,13/07/2017,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,ANGLING DIRECT PLC ORD 1P AAOG,ANGLO AFRI O&G,Oil & Gas Producers,,06/03/2017,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Throgmorton Street Capital (trading name of All IPO Plc),ANGLO AFRICAN OIL & GAS PLC ORD 5P AAZ,ANGLO ASIAN,Mining,,29/07/2005,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,ANGLO ASIAN MINING PLC ORD 1P ANGS,ANGUS ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,,14/11/2016,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Optiva Securities Limited,ANGUS ENERGY PLC ORD GBP0.002 ANCR,ANIMALCARE GRP,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Yorkshire & North East,15/01/2008,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,ANIMALCARE GROUP PLC ORD 20P ANP,ANPARIO,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Midlands,28/11/2006,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,ANPARIO PLC ORD 23P AOR,AORTECH INTL,Health Care Equipment & Services,London,18/12/2002,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,AORTECH INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 5P APC,APC TECHNOLOGY,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,South East,12/11/2002,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,APC TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 2P APGN,APPLEGREEN,General Retailers,,19/06/2015,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Goodbody Stockbrokers;Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,APPLEGREEN PLC ORD EUR0.01 AGM,APPLIED GRAPH.,Chemicals,Yorkshire & North East,20/11/2013,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,APPLIED GRAPHENE MATERIALS PLC ORD 2P APPS,APPSCATTER GRO.,Software & Computer Services,,05/09/2017,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,APPSCATTER GROUP PLC ORD 5P APQ,APQ GLOBAL,Financial Services,,26/08/2016,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,APQ GLOBAL LIMITED ORD NPV AQX,AQUIS EXCHANGE,,,14/06/2018,,,AQUIS EXCHANGE PLC ORD 10P ARBB,ARBUTHNOT,Financial Services,London,27/06/2005,Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,Numis Securities Limited;Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited,ARBUTHNOT BANKING GROUP PLC ORD 1P ARCM,ARC MINERALS,Mining,,15/09/2010,,,ARC MINERALS LD ORDS NPV (DI) ARC,ARCONTECH GRP,Software & Computer Services,London,04/12/2000,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,ARCONTECH GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.125 ARDN,ARDEN PARTNERS,Financial Services,Midlands,19/07/2006,GCA Altium Limited,GCA Altium Limited,ARDEN PARTNERS PLC ORD 10P ARE,ARENA EVENTS G.,Travel & Leisure,,25/07/2017,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,ARENA EVENTS GROUP PLC ORD 1P ARGO,ARGO GROUP,Financial Services,North West,18/11/2008,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,ARGO GROUP LD ORD USD0.01 ARG,ARGOS RESOURCES,Oil & Gas Producers,,29/07/2010,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,ARGOS RESOURCES LD ORD 2P (DI) AGQ,ARIAN,Mining,London,25/05/2006,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,ARIAN SILVER CORPORATION COM SHS NPV (DI) AAU,ARIANA,Mining,London,28/07/2005,Beaumont Cornish Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,ARIANA RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P ACP,ARMADALE CAP.,Gas Water & Multiutilities,London,13/02/2006,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,ARMADALE CAPITAL PLC ORD 0.1P ARO,ARRICANO REAL,Real Estate Investment & Services,,12/09/2013,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance Limited,ARRICANO REAL ESTATE PLC ORD EUR0.0005 (DI) ARTA,ARTILIUM,Software & Computer Services,London,08/01/2007,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,ARTILIUM PLC ORD 5P AST,ASCENT RES.,Oil & Gas Producers,London,10/11/2004,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,ASCENT RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.2P ASH,ASHLEY HOUSE,Construction & Materials,South East,15/01/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,ASHLEY HOUSE PLC ORD 1P ARS,ASIAMET RES,Mining,,13/12/2006,RFC Ambrian Group Limited (through its authorised subsidiaries) trading as RFC Ambrian Limited,Liberum Capital Limited;Optiva Securities Limited,ASIAMET RESOURCES LD COM SHS USD0.01 (DI) ASC,ASOS,General Retailers,London,03/10/2001,J. P. Morgan Securities Plc,J P Morgan Securities Plc;Numis Securities Limited,ASOS PLC ORD 3.5P ASTO,ASSETCO,Support Services,Wales,30/03/2007,Arden Partners plc,Arden Partners plc,ASSETCO PLC ORD 10P ATYM,ATALAYA MINING,Mining,,09/05/2005,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited;BMO Capital Markets Limited,ATALAYA MINING PLC ORD 7.5P ARL,ATLANTIS RESOUR,Alternative Energy,,20/02/2014,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,ATLANTIS RESOURCES LTD ORD NPV (DI) ATQT,ATTRAQT GROUP,Software & Computer Services,London,19/08/2014,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,ATTRAQT GROUP PLC ORD 1P BOOM,AUDIOBOOM GRP.,Media,,12/12/2005,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,AUDIOBOOM GROUP PLC ORD SHS NPV AUG,AUGEAN,Support Services,Yorkshire & North East,15/12/2004,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,AUGEAN PLC ORD 10P AUK,AUKETT SWANKE,Construction & Materials,London,25/04/2006,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,AUKETT SWANKE GROUP PLC ORD 1P AURA,AURA EGY,Industrial Metals & Mining,,12/09/2016,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,AURA ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) AUTG,AUTINS GROUP,Automobiles & Parts,,22/08/2016,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,AUTINS GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.02 AVCT,AVACTA,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Yorkshire & North East,08/08/2006,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,AVACTA GROUP PLC ORD 10P AVN,AVANTI COMM.,Mobile Telecommunications,London,16/04/2007,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,AVANTI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP PLC ORD 1P ASO,AVESORO RES.,Mining,London,13/04/2011,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,AVESORO RESOURCES INC. ORD NPV (DI) AVG,AVINGTRANS,Industrial Engineering,Midlands,14/10/2004,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,AVINGTRANS PLC ORD 5P BPM,B.P MARSH,Financial Services,London,02/02/2006,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,B.P. MARSH & PARTNERS PLC ORD 10P BCN,BACANORA LITHI.,Mining,,26/03/2018,,,BACANORA LITHIUM PLC ORDS 10P BAGR,BAGIR GRP,Personal Goods,,15/04/2014,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,BAGIR GROUP LTD. ORD ILS0.04 (DI) BPC,BAHAMAS PETROL,Oil & Gas Producers,North West,16/06/2010,Strand Hanson Limited,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,BAHAMAS PETROLEUM COMPANY PLC ORD 0.002P BLEY,BAILEY(C.H),Industrial Engineering,Wales,09/08/2004,Arden Partners plc,Arden Partners plc,BAILEY(C.H.) PLC ORD 10P BGO,BANGO,Software & Computer Services,East Anglia,30/06/2005,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,BANGO PLC ORD 20P BOIL,BARON OIL,Oil & Gas Producers,London,14/07/2004,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,BARON OIL PLC ORD 0.025P BSE,BASE RES,Mining,,08/01/2013,RFC Ambrian Group Limited (through its authorised subsidiaries) trading as RFC Ambrian Limited,RFC Ambrian Limited;Numis Securities Limited,BASE RESOURCES LD ORD NPV (DI) BHRD,BE HEARD,Media,London,10/05/2016,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP;Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited,BE HEARD GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 BKS,BEEKS FIN.CLOUD,Software & Computer Services,,27/11/2017,,,BEEKS FINANCIAL CLOUD GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.00125 BEG,BEGBIES,Support Services,North West,01/10/2004,Canaccord Genuity Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited;Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,BEGBIES TRAYNOR GROUP PLC ORD 5P BZM,BELLZONE,Mining,,01/04/2010,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,BELLZONE MINING PLC ORD NPV BLV,BELVOIR,Real Estate Investment & Services,Midlands,21/02/2012,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,BELVOIR LETTINGS PLC ORD 1P BMK,BENCHMARK HLDS,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,Yorkshire & North East,30/12/2015,Numis Securities Limited,Numis Securities Limited,BENCHMARK HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.1P BEM,BEOWULF,Mining,East Anglia,09/05/2005,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,BEOWULF MINING PLC ORD 1P BOTB,BEST,Travel & Leisure,London,14/08/2006,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,BEST OF THE BEST PLC ORD 5P BXP,BEXIMCO PHARMA,,,21/10/2005,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LD GDR (EACH REPR 1 ORD BDT10)(REGS) BZT,BEZANT RES,Mining,London,29/09/2006,Strand Hanson Limited,Novum Securities Limited,BEZANT RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.2P BST,BIG SOFA TECH,Software & Computer Services,London,19/12/2016,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,,BIG SOFA TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PLC ORD 3P BBB,BIGBLU BROADB.,Software & Computer Services,,12/05/2015,,,BIGBLU BROADBAND PLC ORD 15P BILB,BILBY,Support Services,South East,06/03/2015,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,BILBY PLC ORD 10P BILL,BILLING SERVICE,Support Services,,15/06/2005,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,BILLING SERVICES GROUP LD COM SHS USD0.59446 BILN,BILLINGTON,Construction & Materials,Yorkshire & North East,29/09/1995,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,BILLINGTON HOLDINGS PLC ORD 10P BIOM,BIOME TECH,Chemicals,South East,13/07/2010,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,BIOME TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 5P BVXP,BIOVENTIX,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,South East,29/04/2014,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,BIOVENTIX PLC ORD 5P BLTG,BLAN TECH GRP,Software & Computer Services,East Anglia,31/03/2005,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited;Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,BLANCCO TECHNOLOGY GROUP PLC ORD 2P BLOE,BLOCK ENERGY P.,Oil & Gas Producers,,11/06/2018,,,BLOCK ENERGY PLC ORD SHS GBP0.0025 PRSM,BLUE PRISM,Software & Computer Services,London,18/03/2016,Investec Bank Plc,Investec Bank Plc,BLUE PRISM GROUP PLC ORD 1P BLU,BLUE STAR,Financial Services,South East,29/10/2004,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Smaller Company Capital Limited,BLUE STAR CAPITAL PLC ORD 0.1P JAY,BLUEJAY MIN,Industrial Metals & Mining,,02/12/2013,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,Hannam & Partners (Advisory) LLP,BLUEJAY MINING PLC ORD 0.01P BRD,BLUEROCK,Mining,,04/09/2013,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,S P Angel & Co.,BLUEROCK DIAMONDS PLC ORD 1P BMR,BMR GROUP,Industrial Metals & Mining,London,28/04/2000,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited;Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,BMR GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 BOKU,BOKU INC.,Support Services,,20/11/2017,,,BOKU INC. ORD USD0.0001 (DI) REG S BOO,BOOHOO,General Retailers,North West,14/03/2014,Zeus Capital Limited,Zeus Capital Limited;Jefferies International Limited,BOOHOO.COM PLC ORD 1P BOR,BORDERS & STH.,Oil & Gas Producers,London,24/05/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Pareto Securities Limited;Mirabaud Securities;Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,BORDERS & SOUTHERN PETROLEUM PLC ORD 1P BOD,BOTSWANA DIAM,Mining,,02/02/2011,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited;Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited,BOTSWANA DIAMONDS PLC ORD 0.25P BLVN,BOWLEVEN,Oil & Gas Producers,Scotland,07/12/2004,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,BOWLEVEN PLC ORD 10P BOX,BOXHILL TECH,Travel & Leisure,Midlands,13/09/2006,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,BOXHILL TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 0.1P BRY,BRADY,Software & Computer Services,East Anglia,28/06/2004,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc,BRADY PLC ORD 1P BMTO,BRAIME ORD,Industrial Engineering,Yorkshire & North East,27/06/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,BRAIME(T.F.& J.H.)(HLDGS) PLC ORD 25P BMT,BRAIME'A'N/V,Industrial Engineering,Yorkshire & North East,27/06/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,BRAIME(T.F.& J.H.)(HLDGS) PLC 'A'NON.V ORD 25P BBSN,BRAVE BISON GRP,Software & Computer Services,,12/11/2013,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,BRAVE BISON GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P BRH,BRAVEHEART INV,Financial Services,Scotland,30/03/2007,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,BRAVEHEART INVESTMENT GROUP PLC ORD 2P BREE,BREEDON,Construction & Materials,Midlands,06/09/2010,Cenkos Securities Plc,Cenkos Securities Plc;Numis Securities Limited,BREEDON GROUP PLC ORD NPV PIER,BRIGHTON PIER,Travel & Leisure,,27/04/2016,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;Arden Partners plc,BRIGHTON PIER GROUP PLC (THE) ORD 25P BRK,BROOKS,Financial Services,London,11/03/2005,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,BROOKS MACDONALD GROUP PLC ORD 1P BUR,BURFORD CAP LD,Financial Services,,21/10/2009,Macquarie Capital (Europe) Limited,Macquarie Capital (Europe) Limited;Liberum Capital Limited;Numis Securities Limited,BURFORD CAPITAL LIMITED ORD NPV BMN,BUSHVELD,Mining,,26/03/2012,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,BUSHVELD MINERALS LIMITED ORD 1P BYOT,BYOTROL,Chemicals,North West,06/07/2005,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,BYOTROL PLC ORDS 0.25P C4XD,C4X DISCRY HDGS,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,North West,23/10/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,C4X DISCOVERY HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P CAB,CABOT ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,,22/12/1995,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,CABOT ENERGY PLC ORD 1P KDNC,CADENCE MINERAL,Mining,London,31/03/2006,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited;XCAP Securities PLC,CADENCE MINERALS PLC ORD 0.01P CMCL,CALEDONIA MIN,Mining,,27/06/2005,W.H. Ireland Limited,,CALEDONIA MINING CORP PLC COM SHS NPV (DI) CNN,CALEDONIAN TST.,Real Estate Investment & Services,Scotland,29/09/1995,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CALEDONIAN TRUST PLC ORD 20P TREE,CAMBIUM GLOBAL,Forestry & Paper,,06/03/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CAMBIUM GLOBAL TIMBERLAND LD ORD NPV CMB,CAMBRIA AFRICA,Equity Investment Instruments,London,11/12/2007,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. Ireland Limited,CAMBRIA AFRICA PLC ORD 0.01P CAMB,CAMBRIA AUTO,General Retailers,South West,01/04/2010,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Zeus Capital Limited;Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,CAMBRIA AUTOMOBILES PLC ORD 10P COG,CAMBRIDGE COG,Health Care Equipment & Services,,18/04/2013,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd;Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited,CAMBRIDGE COGNITION HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P CAM,CAMELLIA,Food Producers,South East,19/09/2014,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,CAMELLIA PLC ORD 10P CPX,CAP-XX,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,,20/04/2006,Allenby Capital Limited,Allenby Capital Limited,CAP-XX LD ORD NPV CTH,CARETECH HLDG,Health Care Equipment & Services,South East,12/10/2005,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited;W.H. Ireland Limited,CARETECH HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.5P CIHL,CARIBBEAN INV,Banks,,02/06/1999,,,CARIBBEAN INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LTD ORD NPV (DI) CASP,CASPIAN SUNRISE,Oil & Gas Producers,London,03/03/2008,W.H. Ireland Limited,W.H. 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Ireland Limited,SPECTRA SYSTEMS CORPORATION COM SHS USD0.01 (UNRES) SRO,SPITFIRE OIL,Oil & Gas Producers,London,18/07/2007,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,SPITFIRE OIL LD ORD USD0.0005 (DI) SPR,SPRINGFIELD PR.,Household Goods & Home Construction,Scotland,16/10/2017,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,SPRINGFIELD PROPERTIES PLC ORD 0.125P SPRP,SPRUE AEGIS,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,,30/04/2014,Stockdale Securities Limited,Stockdale Securities Limited,SPRUE AEGIS PLC ORD 2P SRT,SRT MARINE SYS.,Technology Hardware & Equipment,South West,02/11/2005,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,SRT MARINE SYSTEMS PLC ORD 0.1P SPPC,ST PETER PORT,Equity Investment Instruments,,16/04/2007,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,ST PETER PORT CAPITAL LD ORD NPV STAF,STAFFLINE,Support Services,Midlands,08/12/2004,Liberum Capital Limited,Liberum Capital Limited,STAFFLINE GROUP PLC ORD 10P SGI,STANLEY GIBBONS,General Retailers,London,19/09/2000,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,STANLEY GIBBONS GROUP PLC ORD 1P STAR,STARCOM,Software & Computer Services,,27/02/2013,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited;Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited,STARCOM PLC ORD NPV SVE,STARVEST,Financial Services,South East,05/09/2000,Grant Thornton UK LLP,SI Capital Ltd,STARVEST PLC ORD 1P SOG,STATPRO,Software & Computer Services,London,16/06/2003,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,STATPRO GROUP PLC ORD 1P STCM,STEPPE CEMENT,Construction & Materials,,15/09/2005,RFC Ambrian Group Limited (through its authorised subsidiaries) trading as RFC Ambrian Limited,RFC Ambrian Limited,STEPPE CEMENT LD ORD NPV SEY,STERLING ENERGY,Oil & Gas Producers,London,21/10/2002,Peel Hunt LLP,Peel Hunt Limited,STERLING ENERGY PLC ORD 10P STL,STILO INTL,Software & Computer Services,South West,30/08/2000,SPARK Advisory Partners Limited,SI Capital Ltd,STILO INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 1P STRL,STIRLING INDUS.,Nonequity Investment Instruments,,06/03/2018,,,STIRLING INDUSTRIES PLC ORD GBP0.01 STM,STM GRP.,Financial Services,North West,28/03/2007,finnCap Ltd,finnCap Ltd,STM GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P AERO,STRAT AERO,Support Services,South East,17/11/2014,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,STRAT AERO PLC ORD 0.01P SML,STRATEGIC MIN.,Industrial Metals & Mining,London,08/06/2011,SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,Optiva Securities Limited;SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,STRATEGIC MINERALS PLC ORD 0.1P STI,STRATEX,Mining,London,04/01/2006,Grant Thornton UK LLP,Northland Capital Partners Limited;SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP,STRATEX INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 0.1P STR,STRIDE GAM,Travel & Leisure,,19/05/2015,Shore Capital & Corporate Limited,Canaccord Genuity Limited;Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited,STRIDE GAMING PLC ORD 1P KETL,STRIX GROUP,Electronic & Electrical Equipment,North West,08/08/2017,Zeus Capital Limited,,STRIX GROUP PLC ORD 1P SMTG,SUMMIT GERMANY,Real Estate Investment & Services,,26/02/2014,Liberum Capital Limited,Cenkos Securities Plc;Liberum Capital Limited,SUMMIT GERMANY LIMITED ORD NPV SUMM,SUMMIT THER,Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology,South East,14/10/2004,Cairn Financial Advisers LLP,Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP,SUMMIT THERAPEUTICS PLC ORD 1P SUMO,SUMO GROUP PLC,Leisure Goods,Yorkshire & North East,21/12/2017,,,SUMO GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.01 SRES,SUNRISE RES,Mining,North West,06/06/2005,Northland Capital Partners Limited,Northland Capital Partners Limited,SUNRISE RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P SCE,SURFACE TRANS,Automobiles & Parts,North West,24/09/2002,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,Cantor Fitzgerald Europe,SURFACE TRANSFORMS PLC ORD 1P SUN,SURGICAL INNOV.,Health Care Equipment & Services,Yorkshire & North East,07/07/1998,W.H. 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P. Morgan Securities Plc,J P Morgan Securities Plc;Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited,YOUNG & CO'S BREWERY PLC A' ORD 12.5P YNGN,YOUNG & CO N/V,Travel & Leisure,London,05/07/2005,J. P. 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